Incident at Gate 7

Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present-

Note: Over the course of the next few posts, I am going to try to write about – equanimity – Key word being try. Personally, writing and discussing equanimity is tricky and this is where I need your help! I implore you to share your thoughts  and insights on this very “tricky” topic. Thank you for your help in advance!

Equanimity is not about being a doormat to others, the world. Nor is equanimity suppressing your emotions, your true spirit. So, what the hell is it?!?

Personally, as defined by yours truly – Equanimity means maintaining mental calmness, composure, an evenness of temper, during stressful situations. There are, throughout my day, certain folks or situations that trigger  within me a deep-rooted sense of anger. Which, makes it rather difficult for me to be the cool dude people often think I am? What stops me from choke slamming an ignorant driver? Lashing out verbally at a yoga instructor who leaves a tired class in high plank, only to lament how tired and sore he is? Saving the best example for last Thinking you are having a pleasant conversation with someone, only to find out they were not listening, enamored with their gadget instead.

I have found equanimity to be my most calming state of mind, especially when interacting with people who rub me the wrong way and push my “buttons“.

Daily Meditation:

If you want to make it through the day with an inner sense of grace and calm, equanimity is going to take you a lot farther than hostility. Let’s play around with the wording … If you want to make it through a challenging power yoga class? Allow equanimity to guide you, instead of being a chump, a whining chump who spews hate and hostility having to do a plank for two minutes.

CultFit Cool

The Shinning Path

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club-

It has taken me 30+ years to discover that there are many paths to happiness available to each and every one of us.

Discovering my path began by asking myself what true happiness means to me, and allowing my answer to lead the way moving forward. Initially, many paths appeared to be a dead-end, until I looked in a different direction, taking notice of the new openings awaiting just around the bend. I started to notice that the “options” available to me came from thinking outside the box, doing “something” different, or simply letting go of past habits and conditions that had clearly outlived their usefulness.

I found that by consciously choosing to think, feel, and act differently in relation to life’s challenges? Made the difference between hope and despair – optimism and frustration. Each “dead-end” I encountered introduced new lessons to be learned and new experiences to be shared.

Daily Meditation:

Empty your heart and soul and simply let the path, come to you.

CultFit Path

Buckle (Down)

Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag-

Do you equate being active with being important? Ever write or say, “I matter” or  “I ran a marathon in the morning, attended a fashionable yoga class at noon, and worked on my memories over a nice soy chai tea latte at Dumb Starbucks.

Constantly being busy had always been a good “thing” in my life. I used to define myself, boast and brag in a pecksniffian manner, in regards to being able to plow through the most strenuous workouts, cycling for hours on end and running marathons on a whim  My issue with the term busy – was that I took it too far. I didn’t know when or how to stop, take a break from grinding myself into the dirt, telling my friends “no” when it came to registering for an event.

For the longest time, I simply failed at finding balance in my life or I flat-out choose to ignore it – Who wants to talk about balance anyways?!?

Daily Meditation-

Recently, the cold Midwest weather called me to go for a brisk walk, instead of appearing busy – Yoga class, cycling, running around and writing. Going for a walk simply felt right. I didn’t have to show up somewhere to prove anything, to anyone.

CultFit Drop

Winter Balance

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness

Its early on a Sunday morning in Eastern Nebraska. The temperature is below zero and bone-chilling. The moon, still glowing, casts a pale and cold shadow upon the newly fallen snow. The last light of distant stars sparkle brilliantly, dancing as the world is still, and glistening.

I bring my cold hands to heart – centre, my palms pressing actively together to bring warmth and presence, the tips of my numb thumbs pressing into my layered sternum. On a deep inhale, I raise my arms in a gentle sweeping motion, turning my palms outward toward the sparkling sky  Balancing myself before starting off on an aimless ride to nowhere in particular.

Daily Meditation:

Cycling (any outdoor activity) during the long Winter months is purely about finding balance, flow and our true selves. Cycling early on a cold winter morning, encourages me to look mindfully into the furtive places of my mind, from which I can view information from my past, this cold moment – slowly and gracefully.

Be well this weekend and please take care!

CultFit Cold

Sharing (oneself)

Wisdom cannot be imparted. Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else … Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it-

One of the most powerful ways we can cultivate self-love to is to give ourselves the subtle gift of time. The message we send when we are fully present, mind, body, and spirit, is that we care, enough, to make ourselves the number-one priority in our lives.

Let’s think about this for a moment – I’m not talking about being selfish, nor am I talking about updating our FaceTube status moments before attending a ninety minute power yoga class.

Unfortunately, our lives can get pretty hectic and crazy, crazy enough to the point that there seems to be little down time where we, can really connect with ourselves. We live in a world that makes us believe that time tuning out – FaceTube, Social – Whatever, is indeed time well spent. You can probably guess I don’t believe it is.

Instead of writing bloviated Yelp! reviews, how about we set aside “self-time” in which we devote time to ourselves?!? Sounds insane huh?!? Personal example: Beginning last year, I decided to commit every day after work to time with the family. No TV programming, that’s all TV does anyways, program our minds into becoming vast wastelands. We disconnect from technology, and connect to simply being. The specific activity is rather trivial, it’s the time we spend together It’s the time I spendunconnected that matters.

Daily Meditation:

I’ve found that more times than not, removing an activity that is sending unhealthy messages about our true selves, is indeed the purest expression of love.

CultFit Share

Owning (myself)

I feel an indescribable ecstasy and delirium in melting, as it were, into the system of being, in identifying myself with the whole of nature-

I found myself recently at a local bookstore standing and staring at the magazine headlines, once again, I became nauseated by all the headlines touting how easy it is to lose weight and get in shape – whatever this means?!?.

One cover of a cycling magazine I quite enjoy set me off: How To Lose weight for the upcoming cycling season. Top tips and how to guide inside!

Seriously, here’s my top tip(s) – ride your bike and smile, not necessarily in that order. It pains me to see how much pressure people are under to get in shape, skinny, whatever.

I believe that you will never, never achieve your “perfect self” until you learn to love yourself – belly fat, flabby arms, scars, prior injuries etc. Should I keep on going?

I believe we, I myself, must start with loving acceptance of ourselves, right now.

Here’s my proposed first headline on the cover of CultFit the Magazine:

Each one of us are perfect, cool beings who are weightless. 

Daily Meditation:

Believe in your Perfect self – Love yourself – Be Gentle – Be You. Wanna know why?!? Because you already are

CultFit Own1

ashes to ashes

A broken friendship that is mended through forgiveness can be even stronger than it once was-

Let’s change one little word in the above quote by Stephen Richards – A broken body that is mended through forgiveness can be even stronger than it once was

Why do many well intended people flippantly object to the truth that we create our own reality?

When life goes “sideways” and our goals don’t materialize magically before our eyes, many people dig deep into their past to toss blame hither and yon: Damn yoga mat, piece of shit running shoes, mom and dad, that chic over there staring at me working on my “snatch” technique – whatever that is?!?

Why do we devote more of our energy, settling for what is, instead of recognizing what we can become?

Are we such socially awkward cowards, that we lack the courage to tell someone, ourselves even, they are responsible for creating the injured mess they now lament in? “Dude, you have had three knee surgeries in the last 18 months … Chill the f**k out for once and forgive yourself.”

Each one of us has the power to recognize and to create our own reality, including injuries and failures.

Forgiveness …

Daily Meditation:

Forgiveness Is the root of Self Love.

CultFit Forgive