My beerdrunk soul is sadder than all the dead christmas trees of the world-

A former hockey coach once pulled me aside during practice to tell me, “Don’t beat yourself up comparing your abilities to the other players. There will always be players better than you, and worse than you. The most important “thing” is to ask yourself right now: “Am I improving?

What the hell did that coach just tell me? Seriously old dude, I’m 19, in peak physical shape, my sh!t don’t stink and I’m playing the best hockey of my life

Fast forward 19 years, and what my caring coach so passionately shared with me – Not comparing myself to “others” is often easier said than done. Open up your heart and eyes this morning and take notice of how we are constantly being bombarded by advertisements preying on our insecurities: You have been a bum all year, You are fat and out of shape, You ate one too many eggnog cheesecake(s) within the past week. Our addiction to social media feeds our jealousy by creating the illusion that other people are living happier, more fulfilling lives than our own.

On this, the most vulnerable day of the year (for many caring people). I implore you to stop comparing yourself to others, and instead compare yourself to the person you were one year ago – right now. Are you happier, more confident and peaceful?

Daily Meditation:

Getting in tune with our true wishes, our deepest wishes that lie underneath our insecurities and envy? Is hard work, and it’s certainly not cool to boast about on FaceTube. What the hell am I trying to say? Setting an intention this New year  Is pretty damn cool!

CultFit Intention


“Single” means you are brave enough to face the glorious unknown of the unaccompanied journey-

Time to pump the brakes on the whole mindfulnessmeditation talk of late. Let us focus our attention on cyclocross racing and placing harmful “labels” on people instead!

I have developed over the years a love for lumping “things” into categories. Abstainers and Moderators, Yoga Moms and Yogi(s), Marathoner Runners and 5K Free Spirits, People who shop at Lululemon and Discount Rack Fashionistas, Road Bike Weight Weenies and Cyclocross Folks. I have more to share if you like and I’m positive you do as well!?!

A fleeting conversation (with a close friend) recently during a morning group ride, Inspired me to take notice of a few random thoughts of my own:

One person remarked, I enjoy a simple life another friend responded,I enjoy a life lived to the fullest” Pedaling along I thought to myself that these were the most interesting pair of remarks that I’d ever heard from lycra clad road warriors.

Further down the trail, this seemingly simple conversation got me thinking (which is extremely dangerous): Is there a distinction to be drawn between these two harmless remarks?

Does one group – Let’s “label” them: Simplicity Lovers (Singlespeed – Steel is real – Ride to the event folks)–prefer to have less, care less about costs, bling, latest and fastest, weight, carry no spare supplies – except a bottle opener? Does this go with a love of Calm and Stillness?

And does the other group–I’ll call them: Abundance Lovers (Carbon – Weight Weenies who show up to a grass-roots cyclosross race with a $4500 steed and race cat5 …)–prefer to have more and more, desire fullness, overflow with confidence, have 14 bikes hanging in the garage, ample supplies in the back of their Subaru to outfit a pro team of riders? Does this go with a love of Lust and Desire?

What do you think of these two categories I have created? If the post so far strikes a chord with you, what group do you identify with?

*After much thought, I placed myself in the simplicity lovers category.*

Picture 003

Quick intermission – Stand up, stretch, wiggle your sparkly toes, grab a drink, smile! I don’t often share bloated and tedious posts, so consider yourself lucky this fine fall morning

Why do we need to categorize and label people? Have you ever stopped to consider the harm caused by assigning names to certain people, groups, or dare I say – Religions? The label we place, puts the person in a box. No matter what they do or say, they can’t get out of that box. The labels we place, defines them.

How many of us actually like to be “labeled”? I certainly tire of being called a simple-minded, blonde haired dude, free spirit – it gets old really quick

The problem I want to address. once again, arises when we are unaware of the labels we often apply, like during a bike ride, start of a local 5k, chatting with a friend over lunch. We fail to stop and realize the damage we are doing by placing “labels” on others. Once a person is labeled, it’s very hard for them to move away

I – You – We, passionately know there are vast differences between each and every one of us – just the way in which I write is but one example. I implore you this morning to reflect on the boxes you have ready to place on people today: Whether their choice of yoga pants, the bike they ride, you see two dudes holding hands and sharing an embrace – you get my point, I hope!

Instead of putting  people into their respective boxes, I challenge you to deliberately refrain from placing your go to label. Open that damn “thing” between your ears, you – scruffy looking nerf herder!!!


This weekend in Omaha is what is affectionately known as “Omaha CX Weekend“. Omaha CX Weekend is a wonderful time to wade into the waters of cyclocross racing, and I use racing loosely – If ringing cow bells, wading through mud, eating brats seconds before a race and drinking beer to refuel sounds like a race to you? Come on out and I will personally pay your registration fee!

For a more in-depth description of the lunatics who ride SINGLE CROSS <—Click here

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There is Still Time

As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin-

Over the years as a father, husband, coach\trainer, a friend. I often find myself surrounded by people who rarely, if ever, have asked themselves: “What am I passionate about in life?” From the time most of us were little stinkers tearing up the neighborhood, we knew what we wanted to do. Playing until dusk, ignoring the call from mother to come inside, running without a care in the world, and trading baseball cards to put into the spokes of our bikes. We cherished these moments and we still do

Meanwhile, many of us venture through the day uncertain of what we cared about, back in our youth. We spend an infinite amount of time choosing majors at university and picking a career, still uncertain of “our true passion – calling“.

Rediscovering our passion later in life is tricky to say the least. Many folks simply fall into molds society has conveniently placed around us: Men don’t do yoga. Muscles equal success, dangerously skinny women are placed proudly on a pedestal labeled as: Fitspiration.

Its time we stopped worrying about what physical activity will reignite our passion. What event, what gadget, what athlete, what lame – tired blog post  Just being passionate, each and every morning will allow your true spirit to reveal itself, attracting life to a you that is ready, willing, and able to dance the kind of dance – that you want to dance.


There is safety in life when we embrace the mold we live in, and then there is beautiful, passionate, unencumbered life. A life worth living

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Thursday 22 March 2012

Our minds are as different as our faces: we are all traveling to one destination; –happiness; but few are going by the same road-

*sniff-sniff* Shhhh, come over quietly: like on your tipsy toes or something.  You gotta check this out…JaJa we had you going there for a minute!  It’s only Uncle Bruce coming in from the turnip field to put his feet up to rest on this glorious Thursday morning.  Another week here is quickly coming to an abrupt end, it’s all good though.  We’re all comfy nestled up close to a cup of green tea, perfect temp and perfect blend(China Green Quince).  Almost forgot about the blueberry bagel in the toaster…while we get that sorted…Feel like a quick game of “Come up with a creative caption?”  So do we,  so with no further delay:

The Plan-

You know the type: “Man my knee sure is sore after the run today.  What time are we going to kill “it” again tomorrow?”  Or what about the peep who laments about all sorts of knee issues  while sporting a knee brace?  Well, we have a game for you: Virtual Knee Surgery(<–No joke give it a GO!!!)

Obviously “Those People” have a deep disrespect for their body/soul and  think life is one big old game where YOU are the most important piece.  Pics of high scores get some goodies!!!

The Workout-

Rest Day…Spring is in the air and your body likes to be out in the elements (so we were told).  If going outside is a foreign idea to you?  Well today would be the perfect day to go for a walk!


We tip our hat to you Mr/Mrs Space Bat…R.I.P!!!  Now only if some of you picking the wedgie out of your crack this morn’ would attack life with the same conviction?!?  Have an awesome day, ENJOY!!!