At first I sent you a postcard
From every city I went to.
Grüsse aus Bath, aus Birmingham,
Aus Rotterdam, aus Tel Aviv.
Mit Liebe. Cards from you arrived
In English, with many commas.
Hope, you’re fine and still alive,
Says one from Hong Kong. By that time
We weren’t writing quite as often.

Now we’re nearly nine years away
From the lake and the blue mountains,
And the room with the balcony,
But the heat and light of those days
Can reach this far from time to time.
Your latest was from Senegal,
Mine from Helsinki. I don’t know
If we’ll meet again. Be happy.
If you hear this, send a postcard.

 Wendy Cope

CultFit Postcard

Tuesday 17 April 2012

In silence, in gossip, in humor, in music, So also in love, in bravery and victory; In all these and more does Man seek peace and joy.  But happiness is within the soul-

This may come as a surprise to some of you reading this morning that, Yes there is a kinder gentler side here at CultFit.  Over the past few years “our” clients detached from the inter-webz and social media have taken part in a rather old-fashioned means of communication, postcards!  And finally due to much coaxing from these other member’s we have decided to present it to you!

Random Motivational Postcards for One Year!!! (Must clicky on this one!!!)

Miraculously you can actually feel and hold a postcard, pick it up and flick it around.  You can even put them in the spokes on your new $2500 bike that was ridden once last year.  All kidding aside this is pretty cool in our book and helps out a few people in a tough spot either in training or getting motivated to run a marathon for the first time.  If you feel like this is something you would like or would like to share with a friend or family member?  Please take the time to pass it on!!!

**1976…Hmm.  Sums up our lives today pretty well?!?  The fun starts at 1:35…**

The Plan-

The Workout-

As we start to spend more time outdoors this spring take the time to look around you for some ladybugs!  Our good mates at the Lost Ladybug Project desperately need each and every one of you reading today to help out.  Face it, you never leave the house without your iThingy to take precious little photos of yourself after a hard 2 mile run…How about not worrying about your image for a bit and looking around yourself for some friendly little critters!?!

Warm Up Thoroughly and certainly Not For Time…

Pulled from the “Honest Effort” archives here at CultFit HQ:

75-80% Max Effort Hill Sprints followed by:

20 Perfect Push Ups (At the top before you head back down)

By all means feel free to play with the rep range with the Push Ups.  Meaning, ideally we would like 200-300 Push Ups today although that is a lot of hill sprints.  Try to find a balance this morning that works for you and pushes you a tad…As an example:  Sister Mel performed 10 Hill Sprints and 30 Perfect Push Ups…


The Lost Ladybug Project is super-duper importante to us here and we implore you to help out!  Be safe today during the program and by all means ENJOY!!!