Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way-

Al diablo con la paciencia y la espera!

Everyday I am waiting for “something“… The old Toyota to warm up, the mind-body website to load, or my old bones awakening to the sounds of a new day.

Everything, everything that we do is about saving time! We see a picture of a skinny-flexy yoga chica in a pose and we instantly picture ourselves there. The truth is, whether we are looking at poses online or the person next to us in class Hurrying through your yoga practice and more importantly – This thing called “life“, is quite debilitating.

Do you know what we find in patience? Love.

Daily Meditation:

The tricky bit is, and believe me this is tricky   How do I share with you, the “instant gratification” seekers of the world, to pause and listen, when we can’t even sit through a red light without complaining?!?

CultFit Patiance


Blowing the Dust (Off)

It is better to be alone than in bad company-

*The following post stems from a conversation I had this weekend with a close friend and mentor. Our discussion, wide-ranging as usual, started before yoga class this past Saturday morning. We both overheard a young couple talking about the tragic events at a X-Fit competition earlier in the week, five minutes before our class started … *

Why do we work out and consciously choose to abuse our bodies? Seriously, why do WE work out and choose to surround ourselves in an atmosphere that rewards, thrives on pain and punishment ? Why do we choose to persistently neglect and abuse our body, mind and spirit?

As I started to peel back the musty curtains hanging around my true self, my mind and heart finally (after 30+ years of abuse) awakened to the source of all the change and success I choose to ignore before. I stumbled upon a little known fact, that I simply choose to ignore for far too long:

We have to create Self Love.

It’s that simple folks, no yoga teacher in the world can do this for you, nor will competing in vain competitions. Your spouse may try to, and your friends may try even harder. No one can awaken you to loving yourself!

When did we stop honoring who we really? When did we stop honoring our feelings, and responding openly to these feelings? When did we forget that feelings are important signals to tune into? Even feelings of anger, pain and fear serve an important purpose of alerting us to the obstacles that may lie ahead on our path, if we keep neglecting the honest truth.

Believe me I know, it’s a tough choice each one of us has to make: Talking about our most vulnerable personal feelings or how sore and bad ass we feel after a killer yoga class – dude.

Daily Meditation:

After much thought, and a few sips of coffee, I have finally reached an understanding as to why I have limitations in my life

I honor my body, mind and spirit.


CultFit Light

Let Go

Making people happy makes people happy-

Link of the day:  Budget Bytes

What exactly is the importance of having a open mind?

Personal and spiritual growth begins with a healthy dose of open-mindedness, that’s the importance. At what age did you stop asking “why”?

For the parents reading this morning, when the little ones ask “why” … Like a billion times before lunch?  It gets old really quick!  We beg of them to stop.  However, and curse us if you may:  Asking “why” should never go away, no matter how cantankerous and old we become.

There is always room for more understanding in our lives.  If dudes want to wear skinny jeans and fedoras while shopping at Whole Foods?  Totally cool … If we stay narrow-minded with the belief that what we know is the divine truth? We end up greeting any and all differing views as a falsehood.   Feel like ruining a relationship real quick?  Stop asking “why” and become less understanding.  We triple dog dare you to try this?!?

There is a looming set of clouds full of ” ignorance” forming on the far horizon.   The ingredients for a  perfect storm are all around us:  Total immersion in social media, failure to notice the changing  environment, lack of empathy towards others, relying on facts and not deep-rooted knowledge.  Are we forgetting anything?

There is hope young Padawan(s)  One way we as a whole can rid ourselves of this storm is to allow the light of higher awareness to shine down warmly upon us:  Ask “why” and practice becoming more open-minded.  Is Mark Sanchez (aka Buttfumble) the best QB in the NFL … Maybe – Maybe not?!?  Let’s discuss this further.


*Better come strong with your QB argument!  Just saying.*

The Workout-

A little homework is in order before we carry on with The Workout today.  Hey, save the comments for after class … Look up these two words using your Google Machine:  Techne and Episteme

CultFit Meow

What, you might be asking are these two dreadful little words doing here this morning?

Is your workout based on Techne (craft, experience and know how) … Or, are you trying to impress your friends with Episteme (book knowledge and showing off the title/certifications/badassness of your program).  So on that note:

A nice flowing Warm Up consisting of Crane Pose play and breathing control.  Followed by:

10 KB Perfect Push Ups

10 One Arm KB Bent Over Rows (alternate arms –  load)

10 Step(s) High Knee Walk (each foot – shoes off – walking on clouds)



Techne or Episteme?  Why really?  I’m trying to be open-minded about all of this?  Be well this weekend and please take care!

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CultFit Jamal

Pars Pro Toto

All I want is a warm bed, a kind word and unlimited power-

Be like the tiny grass that grows
In the crevices at a giant mountain’s foot,
Be like the fragrant jasmine flower
Which fills the air with perfume sweet,
Stand like a rock if destiny cruel
Showers you with hardships, big and small,
Be sweet as rock candy to people in distress,
O naive one, just be one among all.

The Plan-

The Workout-

Something new and something fun peeps so please pay attention.  Otherwise your face will find itself in a heap.  A bloody one at that …

A rather quick and sweat inducing Warm Up of your choosing followed by:

One Arm High Planks (Hinge-Walkout to a high plank pose)

Key points- Index fingers facing straight forward in-line and directly underneath your Shoulders.  Index fingers are directly in-line with your Shoulders\Hips\Ankles.  Practice this while standing!  Your eyes remain neutral, facing forward.  Draw your breath in through your nose and tighten your midsection as you walk out (this is critical!).

Here’s the deal hot shots-  The most important bit to doing this movement initially is to practice:  Index (booger picking) fingers in-line as stated above.  Your Walk Out alignment must be spot on!

Play around with this for 15 minutes or so.  Try Superman Style (Arm forward, thumb up), Or try our preferred style: Hand on lower back with palm facing up!?!  Followed by:

Not For Time …

10 Hinge-Walkout Perfect Push Ups

10 Hard Style KB Swings (Snappy hinge peeps,  these are not squats)

250 Perfect Push Ups and 250 Swings sounds just about right.

Uncle Mo says:  You’ll only fall flat on your face once peeps!


Redirect your attention today.  Clear your mind and thoughts while trying something new, like our super-duper engaging one arm high plank.  Challenge yourself  in a way you never have before.  And no picking out new kicks and making a play list are not challenging.  Now Fantasy Football on the other hand … Have a beautiful weekend and ENJOY!!!