Tune Down

Patience, n. — A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue-

People are cynical and honestly: Why wouldn’t they be?  All of us are overworked, trampled on, paying more for yoga class and coconut water.  Our dreams are slowly fading away and struggling to find meaning.

Dark clouds seemingly consume the conversations we have with friends and family. Is talking about Doom and Gloom useful? It some instances it can be, just not today.

Today we challenge you to find the courage to be optimistic!

The Plan-

CultFit Body

The Workout-

Happy Hips, a little Balance Beam work and Skipping Rope (if you “jump rope”?  Try again).  Followed By:

CultFit Alone


Roll a Single Die three times: 100,200,400,600,,800,1000

It’s KB Swing Medley time peeps!

Left Hand, Right Hand, Double Hand, Single Bell (HEAVY), Side Step Swings

Hard Style!  Roll your precious die carefully … The number it displays is the amount of Swings you will be performing!


True personal awaking and change happens thorough conversation, Dear Friends.  Open up and comment below about anything in your life, purge these thoughts from you.  The more Random the better … ENJOY!!!

CultFit Today