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Happiness is only real when shared

Today’s blog post is all about you and your Top Secret. Your personal Top Secret may never have been told to another person before. It may be too personal or deeply haunting, digging up old thoughts and feelings. Feel free to share your Top Secret in the comments below.


You may be surprised that your closely guarded secret is shared with many other people around the world!

I’ll start: Yoga and meditation are brilliant and if more dudes would surrender to their, inner bad ass self? Well, this would not be much of a secret then would it?

CultFit Hot Air

Know your Enemy

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us-

Today, I ask you to consider a rather different, more personal formula for recreating a healthy and happy life: Embracing the Arts (painting, drawing, prose, poetry, writing etc.).

Embracing the Arts does not entail you picking out a new foam roller to soothe your aching body after a recent run, cancelling another doctors appointment to have your knee locked at, bending and twisting in yoga class beyond your limits in order to express your inner beauty. Embracing the Arts does require you to reclaim your innate curiosity about your own body and its limitations.

Embrace the Arts to reduce the violence we are hopelessly addicted to. Yes, I believe writing or even taking the time to commit to memory a poem you enjoy, is infinitely better than a “recovery run, shake, workout – whatever“. A slight change in perspective, attitude and focus will make a drastic change in your life …


We as a culture need to focus on and discover true beauty in nature, to help us heal, smile and generally: Be somewhat tolerable to hang out with.

Be well today and please take care.

CultFit Set

The Magnificent Dance

If they substituted the word ‘Lust’ for ‘Love’ in the popular songs it would come nearer the truth-


You are now connected to the CultFit Extreme Fitness conference call. Please state your name and title for those of us in attendance.

“Chaz, reporting from Omaha”

“Molly here! The best bodega/spa manager this side of the Hudson”

“Caleb, Cage Free/Paleo animal relations director from Red Hook”

“:::heavy frantic breathing::: Zoey …”

“OK, well thanks for calling in everyone. I wanted to start by saying all of you are doing such …”

“:::heavy breathing::: ahhhh – yeahhhh”

“Zoey … is that you? Are you OK?”

“Yeah, Chaz. :::heavy breathing::: I’m calling during my lunch hour. Just getting in my scheduled afternoon bikram yoga session in. AHHHHHH.”

“Zoey, you really didn’t need to call us from the yoga studio!?!”

“Oh I’m not at the yoga studio. :::heavy breathing::: I’m actually just … ahhhhhh the burn! Feel it! Damn! … I’m just sitting in my office with a space heater on full blast! Between the sweet pouring off my body and the humidifier …”

“Hey, I don’t mean to be difficult, but I gotta go do things and see people in an hour, so can we just get on with this meeting already?”

“Yes, sorry Molly. Anyway, like I was saying. I just want to go over the Q4 projections of our Elite – Sustainable – Renewable Energy – Health Spa to make sure we’re all on the same …”

“Ahhh, yeah that’s it. Yeah right there, deeper, feel the stretch :::heavy breathing::: AHHHHHHHH!”

“Zoey … are you sure you’re OK?”

“Yeah, I just took off my clothes and upped the intensity a touch. I’m almost done lovelies. Keep going.”

“Caleb, did you want to go over your thoughts for the planned sustainable – rooftop – farmers market … ”

“:::heavy breathing::: 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … FIRE BREATHING!!! Bring it on home, Zoey! You got this you bad ass …! AHHHHHHHH!”

“This is really distracting. Maybe we can just brief Zoey later over a babyccino?!?”

“It’s OK Molly. I’m done now.”


“Just need to switch the space heater off and … there. I’m listening. Go on folks.”

“I really think it might be better if we just reschedule for …”

“:::heavy breathing::: heeee heeee hoooo hoooo heeeeeeeeeee huuurts soooo gooooood.”

“This is ridiculous. I’m signing off now.”


“Yeah, me too.”


“Just one … more … second. Annnnd done. Ahhhh. Alright, good work everybody. Hello? Anyone still here, hello?!?”


CultFit Bitch

Daytime Dilemma

Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind-

We’re going to talk about courage, mindfulness and being vulnerable, again for what seems like the millionth time. Scurry along if you like although it would be nice if you stuck around for a minute or two.

Going out on a fragile, weathered limb, chances are you’re not perfect. Big deal, you are vulnerable to the whims of the world. What makes you courageous is that upon waking up each morning, you are willing to step into a wide-open space, without a care in the world.

Here’s the bit I hoped you stuck around for: Authentic folks really do not want to see perfection; We want to feel and share connections with others. When we try to present ourselves as the perfect version we can possibly be (like all of your Facetube friends)? We leave little to no room for creativity, failure, humility and error. Seriously Dear Readers, look around yourself this morning at the yoga studio or at the starting line this coming weekend. It’s in the effort of trying without the fear of failure that we know what works and what does not, it’s a process that we begin every morning. Each day, each moment is unique.

If we feared failure, we’d never roll out of bed, show up at yoga class and step out into the world.  Life is more interesting when it is risky, rich and served messy. Life is not a box of hand dipped artesian truffles.


I would like to leave you today with the following thought: Take the time to present yourselves with a wide open, pure heart today. Display your inner kindness in such a way as to actually move other folks to bare, pure emotions.

CultFit Swing

Fool in the Rain

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter-

There is a glitch in the system. Being grateful, humble and full of joy is inherently easy when the sun is shining, when the kids are being good (for once) when our dreams start to come true, when the world seems to be for our taking. There’s always a “but” and today’s but is a biggie, like Sir Mix A-Lot big! But … Gratitude is a glitzy system. Are you grateful when you step on a Lego at 5am? When your perfect treadmill trot goes sideways? When you quite can’t find stillness, awareness and comfort in your daily yoga practice. Every door seems to be slamming us in the face? F! Gratitude!!!

“This is the last time I step on a mother bleeping Lego …” Like any system, the system of gratitude relies on triggers. Sometimes it takes a smack in the head, a Lego, someone saying “Hello and Good Morning” with a genuine smile. Some may find an early morning run a rather pleasant trigger, a cup of coffee or snuggling with a loved one before going to work. Small, grateful triggers to set the tone for the day.

The Workout-

Open the door to happiness in your life, step outside, begin your day with a smile, join a friend for a workout – walk – run – yoga … whatever.


What was your grateful trigger this morning? What small moment changed your outlook on the day and brought a smile to your face? For me, I simply stepped on a Star Wars Lego piece, I think it was a Light saber?!?

CultFit Gratitude


There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends. I have no notion of loving people by halves, it is not my nature-

It’s been a bit since we last took a quiz (hot-shot):

  • Do you check your phone before rolling out of bed in the morning?
  • Do you compulsively check your phone each minute during the day?
  • Do you stare at a screen more than being in awe of nature?
  • Do you send and receive emails, text messages pin stuff … During meals, during each red light or while exercising?
  • Do you freak out if you can’t find your gadget? Lost in your picturesque home. Ever use your home phone to call your mobile phone?
  • Is some form of technology always within your reach, every moment of the day even while using the restroom?
  • Is checking your phone the last thing you do before you turn in at night?

Did you happen to blurt out a few foul-tasting ‘yes(s)’ to these questions? We could talk about addiction to technology … Blah blah. You don’t care and these words will simple fall on deaf ears.

My question to you is (if you stuck around): What the heck are you going to do about your technology addiction? Purge and place it back in the “box” or do your best to minimize the harm it is causing you?

Let’s take a few moments to explore the benefits of unplugging. More free time, yup- more free time not wired to a gadget. This new-found free time parlays nicely into spending more quality time with your family, friends and co-workers. Heck even the local barista is happy to take your order while looking you in the eye rather than from someone staring at a phone. If having more pleasant experiences, experiences that are enriching and dense with plain old fun sounds cool? Ditch the technology.

Disconnecting will not be easy for you. The task of breaking this habit may seem pretty daunting, stupid and idiotic. You know what? Totally cool, we are human after all although if you stay committed, purge and adjust diligently each and every day? You very well may find that the benefits from disconnecting will far outweigh any risks.


This post was sent by one of my four iPads.

CultFit Nature

Slow, Hot and Sweaty

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate-

We witness this far too often, individuals who seek happiness outside themselves. They search endlessly for someone or something to fill the void they feel they have within themselves. Some fill this void with Facetube and Youbook. Others fill it with friends at the gym or an evening walk with a loved one (top tip gents). Being comfortable as your own best friend, truly matters the most.

We all know what tomorrow brings …

Cultfit Tomorrow

Master the relationship that matters the most in your life: The relationship with our own self. By doing so we can then gradually build strong and healthy relationships with others close to us, in a healthy manner one of understanding and awareness. Without taking the time to build a solid relationship? It really is only a matter of time before they fall apart.

The Workout-

Our signature Happy Hips Warmup followed by:  Ardha Uttanasana then gently walk out to a solid High Push Up Plank Pose, breathe and flow back into a Downward Dag … Chill here for a moment and then carry on.

Stillness, Awareness and Comfort. Find your breath and count backwards from 300 … Gather up your “things“, we’re going for a Walk.


Starting on Monday new posts will magically appear at: CultFit.org  There is no need to be alarmed, or worried. The very same hijinks that happen here daily … You get the point. There are many reasons for the move and rest assured: I will tediously beat you up side the noggin with all the mind numbing details. Take care this weekend!

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