Ambitiose sed Ineptim

Please don’t preach at me—I feel bad enough already-

As anyone who strives to share wisdom and knowledge with others—how often do we command others without first ensuring our own understanding, without first eradicating our own insecurities and tension(s)?

How many of us can honestly answer yes to the following question: Have I done the work that I’m asking this person to do?  And more importantly: Am I myself, able to go where they want to go?

No one is perfect, and in fact, our limitations often open the door to understanding and compassion, as well as to the ability to overcome the very faulty practices and beliefs that we are currently dealing with. Although in order to share the wisdom of these past lessons, we have to actually learn these lessons. We have to transcended the obstacles, not merely recognize that they exist.

Daily Meditation:

We can’t rest on our laurels of intention, we must be willing, and able, to be the example

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Do Whutchya Like

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful-

What is THE WORST training tool we have available to use?  Our eyes …

Our eyes mislead us while our best training tool and the one seldom used  is our Mind.

CultFit This

The images our eyes capture play a large role in how we organize our perceptions.  If you are capable of daydreaming at work?!?  Then you can learn how to visualize and meditate.

Let’s start early this morning for good measure:

· A good way to start is to simply think about your home or apartment.
· Imagine that you are standing outside and looking at your front door.
· Describe your door in detail (aloud).  What color is the door?  What is the shape of the door handle?   How high is the door?  What does it sound like if you knock on it?
· The part of your mind that you are using to describe the door is the part we use for visualization.
· Now, imagine your door in a different color.  First blue, then red, etc.  Use your imagination and pretend if you need to.  The more you can pretend the better your imagination will be.

Like many “things” in our lives, we forget as we age.  Hand a thoughtful little dude a Matchbox car and watch what happens …

The Workout-

There are literally millions of yoga poses, trillions is actually more actuate of a number.  Try this:  Stand on one foot, hand on the hip of the leg firmly planting you to the ground, your other hand picking at your ear vigorously (keep picking until you find something).  Let’s call this pose: CultFita Hasta Padangustasana

True, passionate yoga practice has Nothing to do with the poses.

So on that lovely note, today is a Rest Day.  You are free to obsess over your killer pose … We will be going for a Walk and focusing/visualizing on proper breathing?!? <— Hint – Hint


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Be well today and ENJOY!!!

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