A Dream Within a Dream

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that’s where you renew your springs that never dry up-

Sai Zhenzhu

Pain, injury, surgery, pain, injury, surgery, rehab, surgery, rehab  Before I injured myself, over and over again. I was rarely quiet or still long enough to notice, or care what was happening to my body. Through all the pain therapy and bio-feedback sessions, I was merely following instructions from those who wanted to help me, I never felt alone during these times … “the springs never dried up”. Now, when I’m alone. When I lie in bed at night, surrounded by the quiet, still night air, I feel these springs renewed.

In these personal moments, I find myself content to watch how life will unfold. Mindful of how I was before.

CultFit Night


Time to Medivate


What Will Be Will Be

You must know your strengths (the size of your back) and endure the weight that fate puts on it. You must leave it to providence to remove some of your burden or put more. If you falter while carrying the weight around, then treat each one as a learning for the soul. It is a fair deal-


If you are anything like us (we hope you are not) you have waited until the last-minute to do your holiday shopping, well done.

What if we told you that the greatest gift you could possibly give doesn’t cost a penny, not one?!?

CultFit Lego

Our gift to you, Presence: A open Heart and a receptive Mind.

Presents are great!  Don’t get us wrong although at times they fail to convey the thoughtfulness and generosity of simply being Present.

Relationships, sharing the Memory of your first Christmas as a new parent and creating new Stories to share next year.

Have you really listened to the stories of the lovely peeps in your life? Might we suggest giving the greatest gift of all this holiday season… Presence.

The Plan-

   Picture 003

The Workout-

A nice flowing Warm Up consisting of some Balance Beam work and Jumping/Climbing some rope.  Followed by:

CultFit Heads

20 Perfect KB Floor Presses

20 Perfect Push Ups

20 KB Cleans

200-300-400 … Total reps is up to you?  Or carry on for 30 minutes?!?


Be well this weekend and ENJOY!!!

Picture 004