Waiting on the Corners

Glass, air, ice, light,
and winter cold.
They stand on all the corners,
waiting alone, or in
groups that talk like the air
moving branches. It
is Christmas, and a red dummy
laughs in the window
of a store. Although
the trolleys come,
no one boards them,
but everyone moves
up and down, stamping his feet,
so unemployed.
They are talking, each of them,
but it is sticks and stones
that hear them,
their plans,
and memories of the old time.
The words fly out, over
the roads and onto
the big, idle farms, on the hills,
forests, and rivers
of America, to mix into silence
of glass, air, ice, light,
and winter cold.

Donald Hall

CultFit Dreams



: Joy :

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy-

The season of “peace Hanukkah, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Christmas, winter solstice, and  New Years arrive once a year. Some folks look forward to this time – Others, like myself Dread them. Can we peel away some of the stress, and find time for peaceful days?

I’m not a complete Scrooge – Really! I enjoy winter and the holiday season, all of the celebrations, traditions, and joyous gatherings they bring. And there are some tangible benefits we can reap from this time of year – like spending more face-to-face time with friends, rather than “liking” them on social media. Also hidden within the holidays are remedies for being a grinch and a curmudgeon. Such as joining family and old friends for a pick up hockey game, a walk after dinner or even a bike ride. For most of us though, the wear-and-tear of the most “Wonderful Time” of the year is simply too much to handle. As much as hibernation sounds like the perfect solution

Daily Meditation:

Meditation or whatever you want to call it, can truly bring us peace. Slow down with me this morning, let’s take in the lovely sights, the alluring scents and sounds that are traditional for this time of year And as Cousin Eddie once said: “That’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.”

CultFit Peace

Alive, I

In Silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves-

How different would everyday life become, if we embraced silence?

Over the course of writing this blog-o-thing I have adapted a leisurely pace in life Attending more yoga classes, spending more time unconnected from the web and partaking in long, flowing bike rides without a care in the world.

As Festivus and winter set in, the bikes resting at ease in the front bedroom. I turned my attention homeward, focusing more on the events of my daily life. It truly is possible to attend a silent retreat, where my only interactions with my surroundings are with a smile and an attentive ear. I stopped listening to the radio while driving, the TV stays off when I get home from work and magically  My son and I are reading more in front of the fireplace.

It is such a relief to be free of “noise The stillness in my heart is based solely on silence rather than a frantic beat or change in tempo.

I have begun to notice in this “silence,” the crunch of salt on the walkways leading into work, the rustle of a few stubborn leaves in the breeze, a red tail hawk gliding past

Silence has kindly given me clarity and inspiration.

Daily Meditation:

Be kind your body and heart today

CultFit Silence1

The Meeting

After so long an absence
At last we meet again:
Does the meeting give us pleasure,
Or does it give us pain?

The tree of life has been shaken,
And but few of us linger now,
Like the Prophet’s two or three berries
In the top of the uttermost bough.

We cordially greet each other
In the old, familiar tone;
And we think, though we do not say it,
How old and gray he is grown!

We speak of a Merry Christmas
And many a Happy New Year
But each in his heart is thinking
Of those that are not here.

We speak of friends and their fortunes,
And of what they did and said,
Till the dead alone seem living,
And the living alone seem dead.

And at last we hardly distinguish
Between the ghosts and the guests;
And a mist and shadow of sadness
Steals over our merriest jests.

– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

CultFit Long



Compassion is the basis of morality-

Here is the flat-out, honest truth you have been searching for your entire life: You are going to screw up eventually.

Everyone, You, me – the dude picking his nose in the car next to you  Make many mistakes, daily.

A few times in the not so distant past, I have lamented painfully about self-compassion. Self-compassion (loosely defined) is the extent to which you treat yourself with kindness. Self-compassion differs from the likes self-esteem (its critical to note this), which is how good you feel about yourself.  Self-compassion determines how well you spring back from adversity during the course of the day. Like getting down on ourselves when “things” go sideways Treating ourselves and others with kindness, makes it infinitely easier to recover from harmful experience(s).

Daily Meditation:

When our sole focus is intent on protecting our self-esteem, we can’t afford to look at ourselves objectively, honestly and with a pure heart. We fail to acknowledge the need for improvement, because it means acknowledging weaknesses, shortcomings and maybe – That we screwed up somewhere in our past

CultFit Skating

Dense Blues

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly-

Like a freshly packed snowball hitting you up-side the head, Christmas is finally here.  Many blog-o-peeps would tell you that life is “grand” and “splendid” this time of year although out here in the “real” world … We struggle with stress, family and other worries that muddle our thoughts.

CultFit Nice

Seeking out solitude for a few peaceful minutes to think is a true blessing:  A warm cup of tea before the little ones awaken, running your favorite trail tonight and taking a long nap while watching ‘A Christmas Story’ for the fifth time.

A few peaceful and thoughtful minutes …

The Plan-

CultFit This

The Workout-

Hill Sprints … As a Warm Up followed by:

CultFit Christmas

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

35 Perfect Push Ups

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

30 Perfect Push Ups

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

25 Perfect Push Ups

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

20 Perfect Push Ups

1 Minute Perfect Handstand Hold

15 Perfect Push Ups


Our gift to you Dear Reader this Christmas?!?

Gratitude.  Our CultFit family has some of the most dedicated and passionate peeps around and we truly can not thank you enough for your continued support.  We sincerely wish all of you and your families a Merry Christmas!  Be well friends and ENJOY!!!


El tiempo no me dejará ir …

Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength-

Today’s sign of the Apocalypse: Instagram 

**It’s a sad world we live in when this is more important than … Anything really**

Hmm something is definitely in the air this holiday season, and it’s not the headache inducing scents coming from Yankee Candle Company and Lululemon.  The signs are everywhere:  Long lines at Whole Foods, shopping carts in the aisles, crowded parking lots and painfully waiting for the car ahead of you to move at a fresh green light (we so miss roundabouts).

Puzzled and Curious, we ask of you your thoughts:  Why are we stuck in our lives like the rush hour traffic on the 405?!?

People are drowning in information at every turn, much of which is irrelevant: Fantasy football, Pinterest, Facebook, Yelp … You name it!  Our pristine faces are buried in our phones, probably right now reading this blog-o-post!

Picture 001

Every minute of the day we are downloading information.  How many of you will be at your desk waiting for the next Facebook or Twitter update and interrupting your productivity to check in on the latest useless piece of trash from TMZ? You are getting weather alerts, breaking news headlines, futures market quotes, spam emails and text(s) in addition to the messages from all of the social networking sites … While using the restroom at work.  It’s sad but true.

It’s amazing we have attention to spare on the basics of life:  Like answering questions, from real people in front of you!  Mix in the stress of recent troubling news and the holidays?  Not good peeps …

CultFit Tank

Big boy and gal chat time:  Create some space in that old head of yours!  Unplug and throw the phone in the boot on the drive home today.   All of us are fatigued and exhausted, we need to distance ourselves from this burden.  Even if only for a few weeks and the holidays pass for another year.

The Plan-

CultFit Steps like a Boss

The Workout-

Picture 002

Head out into the snow to do something you love.  Maybe our signature Happy Hips Warm Up?!?  Followed by:

10 Perfect Pull-ups
10 KB Halos
10 KB High Pulls (Snappy and Even)
10 Perfect Push Ups

Five is a nice number?!?


Phones in the Boot* for the drive home … ENJOY!!!

CultFit Brain

*If you live in ‘Murica?  Toss the phone in the trunk.