I Wish You Would

Promise Yourself

To be so strong that nothing
can disturb your peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity
to every person you meet.

To make all your friends feel
that there is something in them
To look at the sunny side of everything
and make your optimism come true.

To think only the best, to work only for the best,
and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others
as you are about your own.

To forget the mistakes of the past
and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times
and give every living creature you meet a smile.

To give so much time to the improvement of yourself
that you have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world,
not in loud words but great deeds.
To live in faith that the whole world is on your side
so long as you are true to the best that is in you.
Christian D. Larson, Your Forces and How to Use Them

The Workout-

Introspection and ContemplationBalance through thought.  Oh, it’s a Rest Day in case you were wondering.

CultFit Grand


We have been at this blog-o-thing now for a little over two years, over this time we have met quite a few amazing peeps to say the least.  If you are new to CultFit, please read the work above, again, in a more personal way.  Allow the words to find meaning within you.  In essence, the splendid work by Christian D. Larson embodies everything we are here at CultFit.

CultFit This

You Don’t Make Me Sorry

… If we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely.  If we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative.  In our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths.  Our limitations and joys begin in our hearts.  We can always replace negative with positive.

Bettie Eadie

Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse:  Gucci On Wheels

**Warning science content ahead!?!**

Place a ball on the desk in front of you and let it sit there, roll back in your chair and watch for a few moments.  Nothing happened, shocking we know!

Now reach in the centre drawer and pull out some sticky notes and a pen.  Write one of the following words/thoughts on the top half of each note:

Life, Yoga, Love, Work, Running, Lifting, Diet, Meditation, Pilates, Sex, Donuts … You get the point.  Fold them in half and place them randomly on your desk in front of you.

Each one of us has our own unique habits, just like the ball will keep sitting there unless new outside influences act upon it.

Now gently tap the ball towards one of your notes, any which one.

The Plan-

The Workout-

Form, Flow and Grace … Find balance and harmony in a refreshing Sun Salutation Series.  Followed by:

A Plank Medley consisting of the following: High Plank, Low Plank, Glute Bridge, One Arm Side Plank (each side), Forearm Plank, Side Plank (elbow bridge).

**All Planks will start with a Hinge Walk Out.  This is vitally important peeps, think about it?!?  When was the last time you bent over backwards?  Hinged backwards?  Oh, the last time you raised your hips from the floor into a Plank position.  Your precious little back and hips will thank you later … **


The goal of our exercise above is to come as close to our note without knocking it over, to gently ease up to it.  Kinda like starting a new exercise program … Ease into it, slowly and with conviction.  Be well today and ENJOY!!!

Friday 27 April 2012

Anything that can feel pain should not be put to pain-

What are the chances of you keeping a secret?  Cool…We are so excited to announce that on Monday a dear friend will be stopping by to pay a visit.  Which reminds us to clean up a bit over the weekend and maybe shave?  Anyways, Melissa with Sweet Wholesome Health is kind and gracious enough to share her expertise in all things that can bring us closer to a healthy and happier life.  If ever there was a time where we were lost for words this would be that time.  Melissa passionately provides pure and thoughtful information that we can all use in our daily lives.  Not since when the Boston Bruins were eliminated from the NHL playoffs have we been this excited about something.

Well it’s happened once again.  You have wasted precious seconds from your life reading the musings here at CultFit all week.  We tossed a fair amount of  stuff out into the abysses and we sincerely hope it “clicked” with some of you.  Today’s post was going to go over Factual Fitness and Contextual Fitness.  But who really cares?  We’ll save it for sometime next week…Sound like a plan?

Speaking of which.  One way to look at CultFit would be as a conversation amongst all of us (followers, friends and lurkers).  If there is something you are passionate about and would like to share please pipe up and send it in.  No kidding, Uncle Frank here has a whole weeks worth or writing dedicated to the best hot dogs on earth:  Hofmann Hot Dogs!!!   You NYC types can take your Sabretts, Nathan’s and well?  You know what to do with them!?!

The Plan-

And your excuse today is?!?

The Workout-

Thank you Sister Margret for sending in this little gem of a program before the weekend begins!!!

Warm Up as you see fit…We choose to do a Pulse Trail Run (basically a nice flowing run with pulses/bursts up the steep bits…Followed by:

**You did remember to bring a kettle bell or dumbbell with you to the trail this morning, right?  Hmm Farmers Walk to the trail head…?!?**

At this point in our relationship its fair to say that you don’t leave home without some sort of technology strapped to your delicate body every morning.  Good because we need something to keep time today or you could be like Uncle Pliny and watch the sun rise above the horizon…15 degrees = 15 minutes or so?

Find a tree and…

Hand Stand Hold (Actively press away from the ground beneath you.  Toes point to the sky.)  Please do not flop down…Flow and Grace…Followed by:

15 One Legged Dead Lifts (Weight is held opposite of standing leg.  Your chin and tail bone are mortal enemy’s…Focus and pull them away from one another!)

Hand Stand Hold

15 One Legged Dead Lifts (Following along so far?  Good…)

Hand Stand Hold

15 One Legged Dead Lifts and 15 Perfect One Arm Press (Hinge, DL, Hammer Curl to Rack Hold and Press)

Hand Stand Hold

15 One Legged Dead Lifts and 15 Perfect One Arm Press

At this point you hate life.  This program is not a battle or a struggle against humanity!  The tree really dislikes you because you slam into it every time for a hold and the ground really does not like having weight dropped on its head.  Form, Flow and Grace for at least 30 minutes or so.  If you can only do one DL or Press?  That’s awesome!!!  One perfect rep is better than 15 disastrous ones (think about that for a moment…)!!!


If we were to ask one thing of you it would be this:  Our sense of community at CultFit revolves around you and our ability share our thoughts openly.  What say you?!?  Have a great weekend and most importantly, ENJOY!!!

Thursday 26 April 2012

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts-

Hmm Hmm…Don’t mind us as we puff out our masculine chest and spew machismo all about.  Oh, sorry didn’t mean to get sweat all over your precious new Athleta Yoga top.  Feel free to slide off your comfy Sanuks before you settle in this morning on the couch.  We just poured a nice cup of Mr. Grey and chances are the kettle is still warm as evidence of the stream still gently rising into the air.  If for some chance you thought things could not get any worse around here after yesterday’s Nickelback, Facts vs. Ignorance and dog balls post?  Think again dear peep, its Thursday!!!  Speaking of which we have never invited you into our pristine kitchen arena here at CultFit HQ?  How rude…

We love food and heating things up in the microwave and basically we would like to share some of our offerings with you.  So without further delay…Feast your eyes on our picturesque dinning options and like we always do on Thursday  “Best Caption Wins Something”:

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day

Without spouting off and going on a twisting rant we understand that Rest Days are the hardest part of your workout program.  “Like duh…How do I get better by meditating in the car on the way to work?”  or “Shit Son…I have a race this weekend and I am 15 miles low for my mileage this week!”

The simple truth:  Your hyper stimulated brain never needs to rest: Go, Go, Go all the time!  Problem is:  You have this thing called “Your Body” and your body secretly hates your brain and every thing your brain does to it.  Is it too much to ask to listen to your body for one day?  Luckily for you dear peeps we have a “Body” and a “Brain” on retainer here at CultFit HQ…Here is a recent conversation we overheard in the bathroom three stalls over:

BODY– “I’m sore, that’s all.”

BRAIN– “I wonder who else is in here?  Work sucks, kids are turds, what is the rep scheme today?  God Vancouver sucks and the Penguins blew it!  Damn Russians and who ever liked the Sedin twins to begin with?  Jesus, look at this!  Who put the toilet paper in the dispenser backwards?  Now I’m screwed with bad luck for the rest of the day!  Shit I forgot my lunch…Well Whole Foods is right next door to work, I’ll just do that instead of going home  in lunch traffic.  Hmm if I do go home I could stop by the co-op and do some yoga at YogaMed?  Yeah, sounds like a plan.  Almost forgot about the NFL draft, talk about a bunch of losers that watch that crap for four days straight!  Tom Brady is still hot as hell!!!  Time to wipe and go someone is coming in…Ahhh man not right next to me…”

BODY– “I’m sore, that’s all.”


Have an awesome day, Rest Up and ENJOY!!!

Friday 23 March 2012

Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind, than in the one where they sprung up

Quick video to cheer you up this morning and to set the proverbial mood around here:

How do you follow-up a great video like the one above?  We’ll with a pool side chat about kinesiophobia, that’s how you do it!  Fire up the Google Machine and read up a bit on wiki-i-know-everything-for ten-minutes…Done?!?

Cool were not going to talk about that anyways as our Crack Webz Research Team has chimed in with the following information:  “Why do I have to worry about the psychological factors that influence my injury rehab?  Shit Son I just ignore all the damn pain anyways!”  Just nod your head and keep reading on…(10 to 1 odds if you can find another blog-piece about kinesiophobia on the webz today!)

Its time to have a heart to heart:  You are not an athlete, truly gifted in your specific sport.  Our research shows that less than .10% of the population in the Milky Way fall into the “exceptionally good and get paid to do it” crowd.   You are an excellent mother/daughter and excellent father/son- definitely!  A weekend warrior?  Someone who pursues albeit nobly, misguided athletic pursuits?  Sadly yes.  “What in the heck is going on here today?”  Consider this:  On this blog-o-thing here last week alone 10000+ peeps wasted 4.45 minutes of their lives trying pull a few tidbits of information to use to better themselves as an athlete for that particular weekend. Four people realized that there is more to life…Our lives are fleeting: You are born and you will die someday.  The path between points A and B is so exciting and fulfilling, enjoy it.

Recoil in horror if you like and start beating the dog with a newspaper.  If we take time to zoom way-way out on our lives the time we spend worrying about prone running and Spartan Warrior Dashes become trivial, minute to some…not to others.  We like to think that if we zoomed out on your life we would see a big broad and pure smile from points A to B?  Not a broken body, empty containers of coconut water and race bibs.

There is a reason for our mindless rambling on this fine crisp morning…Next week sometime we will have written our 300th post.  What started as a small team of like-minded individuals sharing the simple pleasures of enjoying your family and being active has grown considerably over the past year.  We have stated before there are a wide range of peeps around here who share personal stories and hard-earned wisdom from day to day…We are self-proclaimed masters in the fine art of Tautology.  In one form or another this truism stands true:  You are enough.

The Plan-

Top Tip:  This is free and you’re welcome!?!

This wraps up our squatting coverage for the year!  Thanks for reading.

The Workout-

Remember what we spoke briefly about on Monday?  Good let’s get to work…

Trail Run/Swim/Hike/Bike/Walk…Not quickly but thoroughly Warm Up today.

Take 30 or so minutes to WORK UP to a one rep max Turkish Get Up (use your head here peeps – not as a place to drop the weight either!)

Trail Run/Swim/Hike/Bike/Walk…With Conviction and Purpose for however long you like.


Thank you for reading and stopping by for a moment.  The message presented today is vitally important to us here and hopefully you may be able to take something from it.  Explaining to your 7-year-old Son that you can’t play catch due to the fact that your close minded, harsh abuse to your body (all in the pursuit of some “vain” race bib) has left you crippled?!?  No way to live life A to B…Rest up this weekend, be safe and ENJOY!!!