There is Still Time

As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin-

Over the years as a father, husband, coach\trainer, a friend. I often find myself surrounded by people who rarely, if ever, have asked themselves: “What am I passionate about in life?” From the time most of us were little stinkers tearing up the neighborhood, we knew what we wanted to do. Playing until dusk, ignoring the call from mother to come inside, running without a care in the world, and trading baseball cards to put into the spokes of our bikes. We cherished these moments and we still do

Meanwhile, many of us venture through the day uncertain of what we cared about, back in our youth. We spend an infinite amount of time choosing majors at university and picking a career, still uncertain of “our true passion – calling“.

Rediscovering our passion later in life is tricky to say the least. Many folks simply fall into molds society has conveniently placed around us: Men don’t do yoga. Muscles equal success, dangerously skinny women are placed proudly on a pedestal labeled as: Fitspiration.

Its time we stopped worrying about what physical activity will reignite our passion. What event, what gadget, what athlete, what lame – tired blog post  Just being passionate, each and every morning will allow your true spirit to reveal itself, attracting life to a you that is ready, willing, and able to dance the kind of dance – that you want to dance.


There is safety in life when we embrace the mold we live in, and then there is beautiful, passionate, unencumbered life. A life worth living

CultFit Gravel

This Is Going To Be Pretty Unbearable …

The more you Twitter the worse you run-

Shame, Shame we know your name peeps!  Not a single one of you reading yesterday took the bait we so generously tossed in your general direction:  You teach what you need to learn.  One little, painless comment for or against would have placated the cantankerous Uncle Sachmo!  But no way Jose, you were way too busy lamenting about all of your grand adventures over the past weekend … Now you shale all suffer.   Performing our best Jesse Pinkman impersonation:  Listen up and pay attention, bitches!!!

The single worst part of dispensing advice to others either in a random blog-o-post or over a few cold PBR’s is that NO ONE (re-read this again) actually follows through with what you have to share.  When most self-absorbed (<— If this word is too abrasive choose another one that best fits your personality) peeps ask a question, they already have a picturesque answer in mind-which is usually, the answer they would like to hear coming from your mouth.

Quick question:  Why ask for advice or help in the first place?  When you know you will not use it.

The challenge to our dear readers today is this:  When someone asks you for help or an opinion later this afternoon.  Zip it up and don’t say a thing to the person asking!  Listen for once and lend a good ear.  Chances are they could care less what you have to say in return.  Listen and help guide them to the answer they want, the answer they want to here from their own mouth.

Is this you?!? <—Must clicky!

Or is this you?!?<—Must Clicky(Dear Lord above let this be you!!!)

The Plan-

The Workout-

Before dawn go outside and enjoy the Moon and Venus dancing in the sky above you.  Awaken your senses with a nice flowing Sun Salutations Series, bringing balance and energy to you this morning.  What you do after this is up to you …

Hat Tip: Tyler Leavitt


Pretty unbearable indeed … Smile and ENJOY!!!