El tiempo no me dejará ir …

Compassion and tolerance are not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength-

Today’s sign of the Apocalypse: Instagram 

**It’s a sad world we live in when this is more important than … Anything really**

Hmm something is definitely in the air this holiday season, and it’s not the headache inducing scents coming from Yankee Candle Company and Lululemon.  The signs are everywhere:  Long lines at Whole Foods, shopping carts in the aisles, crowded parking lots and painfully waiting for the car ahead of you to move at a fresh green light (we so miss roundabouts).

Puzzled and Curious, we ask of you your thoughts:  Why are we stuck in our lives like the rush hour traffic on the 405?!?

People are drowning in information at every turn, much of which is irrelevant: Fantasy football, Pinterest, Facebook, Yelp … You name it!  Our pristine faces are buried in our phones, probably right now reading this blog-o-post!

Picture 001

Every minute of the day we are downloading information.  How many of you will be at your desk waiting for the next Facebook or Twitter update and interrupting your productivity to check in on the latest useless piece of trash from TMZ? You are getting weather alerts, breaking news headlines, futures market quotes, spam emails and text(s) in addition to the messages from all of the social networking sites … While using the restroom at work.  It’s sad but true.

It’s amazing we have attention to spare on the basics of life:  Like answering questions, from real people in front of you!  Mix in the stress of recent troubling news and the holidays?  Not good peeps …

CultFit Tank

Big boy and gal chat time:  Create some space in that old head of yours!  Unplug and throw the phone in the boot on the drive home today.   All of us are fatigued and exhausted, we need to distance ourselves from this burden.  Even if only for a few weeks and the holidays pass for another year.

The Plan-

CultFit Steps like a Boss

The Workout-

Picture 002

Head out into the snow to do something you love.  Maybe our signature Happy Hips Warm Up?!?  Followed by:

10 Perfect Pull-ups
10 KB Halos
10 KB High Pulls (Snappy and Even)
10 Perfect Push Ups

Five is a nice number?!?


Phones in the Boot* for the drive home … ENJOY!!!

CultFit Brain

*If you live in ‘Murica?  Toss the phone in the trunk.


When You Knew Me When

Have you seen rift between parents and children?
They live in harmony until self-importance takes over.
What of father and what of son, when ego reigns?
Then, the relationship is blighted.


CultFit Obey

The Plan-

CultFit Yoga

The Workout-

When our hearts are heavy and our minds are filled with troubling thoughts … We find ourselves once again in the “Basics” …

A brisk early morning Walk and some Hill Sprints to invigorate the soul.  Followed by:

20 Perfect Push-ups
10 High Push Up Plank Rows
5 KB Military Press (Each Arm- HEAVY)

1 – 10 -15 times through?  It’s up to you …


Often when we are feeling saddened by society, we enjoy drifting away in a good book(s) and baking?!? Baking … CultFit style this Thursday peeps.  Be well today and ENJOY!!!

CultFit Chill


Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace-

I read lots of blog posts, talk daily with all sorts of inspired people from whom I learn so many thought-provoking things.  Everything from how people ask for the time on the bus to how mediation is a remarkable tool in our daily lives—whether they are winning races or losing narrowly in a local 5k …  This is just a part of what I do all week behind the scenes here at CultFit.

As I was wrapping up the post on Friday, I was suddenly galvanized by the reporting on one of most horrific stories any of us have ever encountered in our fleeting lives.  The tiny, innocent school in Connecticut, where those elementary school children and several adults were shot to death this past Friday.

CultFit is normally meant to inform and entertain you about the world around us.  On any given day here, CultFit is more about entertaining you and providing a glimpse behind the curtain.  Although there are days, and this past Friday was one of them.  When fulfilling this responsibility … Feels especially frivolous.

Today, I can’t bring myself to write a witty, meaningless post.

May this humble post serve as an expression of my sympathy for all of families involved in Connecticut who lost children and loved ones this past Friday.  May you somehow find, in time:  Strength, Peace and Serenity.

CultFit Hope

Tune Down

Patience, n. — A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue-

People are cynical and honestly: Why wouldn’t they be?  All of us are overworked, trampled on, paying more for yoga class and coconut water.  Our dreams are slowly fading away and struggling to find meaning.

Dark clouds seemingly consume the conversations we have with friends and family. Is talking about Doom and Gloom useful? It some instances it can be, just not today.

Today we challenge you to find the courage to be optimistic!

The Plan-

CultFit Body

The Workout-

Happy Hips, a little Balance Beam work and Skipping Rope (if you “jump rope”?  Try again).  Followed By:

CultFit Alone


Roll a Single Die three times: 100,200,400,600,,800,1000

It’s KB Swing Medley time peeps!

Left Hand, Right Hand, Double Hand, Single Bell (HEAVY), Side Step Swings

Hard Style!  Roll your precious die carefully … The number it displays is the amount of Swings you will be performing!


True personal awaking and change happens thorough conversation, Dear Friends.  Open up and comment below about anything in your life, purge these thoughts from you.  The more Random the better … ENJOY!!!

CultFit Today

If Only

   There is a very little word that we often use. It has only two letters, but it is full of power for good or evil. It is the word ‘“IF”.  Do not be always fancying that IF your circumstances were different you would be different; IF only other people would be agreeable, you would; IF only you were somebody else and had their chances you would do differently;  IF this, that and the other might be, all would be well with YOU.


CultFit Me

The Plan-

CultFit Scum

The Workout-

Rest Day … Balance Beam work and a touch of Crocodile Breathing.  Maybe some Walking Meditation in the afternoon sun?!?


Smile today and ENJOY!!!

CultFit S

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In a Sense

Pleasant experiences make life delightful. Painful experiences lead to growth-

Being sincere and open with your feelings can make you feel vulnerable in the world we live in.  When you finally open your heart?  You do so with the uncertainly that other people will not treat your feelings with care and love.

Open up and let down your guard today and Risk being Sincere.  Be Honest, Authentic and say what you Feel.  Open your mind to creating loving interactions with those whose company you enjoy …

The Plan-

CultFit Dawn

The Workout-

Remember the program for Yesterday?  Neither do we so let’s start with a nice, flowing Pulsed Trail Run.  Followed by:

5 Perfect Pull Ups

5 KB Bear Crawl (Heavy!  Five steps)

10 Perfect Hinge Walk Out Push Ups (Hinge peeps, HINGE)


May your hearts be filled with hope and joy today …. ENJOY!!!

CultFit Us

Open Slowly

When you find yourself, who you really are, you will find that everybody and everything is One-

All of us struggle daily to make life meaningful by grasping and holding onto the “things” in our life.  This is a wasted effort on our part.  The meaning to life is everywhere, just take a moment to look around.  We force ourselves to find Meaning and burden ourselves trying to Create relationships.

Not too sure where we are going with this topic, maybe?!?

The Plan-

CultFit Sled

The Workout-

Awaken your senses with a nice flowing, Sun Salutation series.  Followed by:

8 Perfect Pull Ups (fully open and lengthen at the bottom … )

8 KB Halo’s (fully open around the back of your head … )

8 Perfect Push Ups (Press through the floor at the top … )

8 KB Plank Side Press (Ask if you need a hand setting these up …)

CultFit Parking


Relationships are a fundamental part of life.  They can be both profound yet subtle at the same time … Take the time to forge a lasting, meaningful relationship with your fitness program or anything really.  Be well today and ENJOY!!!

Picture 001