A Simple Story

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough-

Daily simple pleasures like sleeping in, reading a book in bed and getting the kids off to school in one piece are central to our “Balanced Lives“.  For many, there’s nothing like watching a family of deer play joyfully in a field while out on a run, picking an apple from a farmers orchard during a long ride or holding a loved one close after a long week.  These simple moments keep us stimulated, connected and grounded.

CultFit Maple

When was the last time you took a moment to yourself?

The Plan-

The Workout-

Let’s take a few moments to Warm Up (as you see fit) into a pore cleansing, flowing mass of sweat.

I totally blasted my tri’s and chest today mate … Tore the gym up yo!”  Try not to be this Guy or Gal peeps.

How do we this you may be asking, simple …

On the minute for 40 Minutes:

1 Proper HKC Style TGU (each arm)

**Google it and look ’em up!  Cuddle, Press, Shoe … If you are going to muck about and devote only a marginal effort today?  You might as well kick your VitaCoco bottle down the road for 40 minutes.**


We are all family here and we wouldn’t want it any other way.  Take care this weekend … ENJOY!!!


Left Side Drive

Priusquam disceret scire oportet discat ac dediscat priusquam sciat oportet scire-

Themes, Currents and Trends

What if we told you that practicing mindfulness is important?  More important than running and updating your Facebook status after said run (come on – you know you do it)?!?  Here’s the deal Hot Shot:  Practicing mindfulness IS more important than running, maybe now you are more likely to remember to do it … Before, during and after you run (Runners are easy to agitate so feel free to insert something you enjoy more than running as an example).

Some of you have noticed the trend around here of late.  The trend being that the key to practicing mindfulness is to simply practice focusing your attention onto ONE  (<— Key word) direct sense, and to practice this often, like right now.   Can you feel your right index finger clicking away on your worn out mouse?  There are many ways you can practice mindfulness: While eating at a quaint curbside cafe, walking Fido after dinner, talking to your little ones at the park.  You can practice mindfulness doing just about anything really (the exception is using Instagram of course).

Cassini Solstice Mission  <— Totally Worth Your Time!!!

in Plan-

in Exercitium-

Rest Day … Time to awaken our senses with a flowing सूर्य नमस्कार series and some ruminative thinking about the day ahead of us.


Explore your mind … Frui!!!


After Glow

Tothom pot intimidar, però no tothom aprèn a respectar-

All of us lead busy lives,  our responsibilities become greater each and everyday.  The only constant in our lives is change.

Many, if not all of our biggest missteps daily occur because our lives are out of balance.  Let us help you today to tip the scales away from stress and chaos, towards happiness and peace of mind.  One of the most powerful ways to do this is through open honest dialog amongst friends and nursery rhymes.  <— What?!?

el Pla-

l’entrenament de-

This may or may not be the hardest program you have ever participated in?!?  5k- Easy, X-Fit- Cake, Boot Camp- Whatever

Crocodile Breathing while learning/speaking (aloud) a simple nursery rhyme in Catalan, simple stuff right?

First we need a spiffy nursery rhyme:  The Rooster and the Hen

The rooster and the hen
Were on the balcony,
The hen was falling asleep
And the rooster gave her a kiss.
-Naughty, more than naughty!
What will people say?
-Let them say what they want,
For now I’m happy!

Now the translation in Catalan:

El gall i la gallina
Estaven al balcó,
La gallina s’adormia
I el gall li fa un petó.
-Dolent, més que dolent!
Què dirà la gent?
-Que diguin el que vulguin
Que jo ja estic content!

Either you can write the translation down or use your iPad thingy, your choice?  Find a comfy spot on the floor, tummy side down to work on our Crocodile Breathing (Google it if you are unfamiliar with this breathing technique).  Allow your controlled breath to take you away, a state of calm.  While you practice your nursery rhyme.  This is not a contest, sword fight, or struggle.  When you feel you can comfortably say the rhyme (aloud)?  Stand up and give it a go.  If you fail?  Back to the floor it is for you … It took Uncle Mo 3 tries and 40 minutes of practice.  The hardest 40 minutes of work he has done in quite some time.

Nota de-

Be well today and Gaudir!!!



बिना अनुभव के कोरा शाब्दिक ज्ञान अंधा है।

Do you share a passion for discovery?  A passion for embracing and seeking out new and unfamiliar events in your life?  Immersing yourself in a new activity can help you transform your life in ways you never dreamed possible.  Here’s how:  Dipping your toes in an unfamiliar event takes Courage and Strength.

Workout- Outside in the elements.  Trail Run- On an actual trail.  Ride a bike- Into a 20mph headwind.

If you ever wanted to see a 5k princess melt?  Head to a local trail head when it’s raining … If you want to see a gym bunny break?  Hill Sprints and heavy KB Swings will do just fine.

Experiencing nature is heaven on earth.  Just simply being outdoors will awaken in you a sense of vitality and infinity for life.  After just a few moments outdoors a path to your core creativity will emerge in front of you.  Without thinking, look up at the astonishing number of stars in the sky tonight, the leaves quietly lingering on a single tree while running a favorite path and feel the sense of vastness and spaciousness that surrounds you.  As you gaze at the heavens, knowing that humanity throughout history and across continents has pondered these very stars, in this moment … You are experiencing something larger than yourself.

योजना –

कसरत –

Outdoors, in the elements …. A nice flowing Trail Run Followed by:

Park Bench Meditation (picnic tables etc.)

Find a bench with a level seat, a straight back and no arms (a level seat is all we really need) The front of the seat should not dig into the underside of your thighs.  Gently place your legs side by side, your feet flat on the earth beneath them.  Mindfully place both hands on your lap, one hand cupped upon the other.  Release the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles.  Breathe and relax your arms.

With our eyes closed, our objective is to achieve a state of complete physical stillness, calm – bliss.

नोट्स –

Be bold and find the strength to move away from fear and into something new … का आनंद लें


Walk In Space

No llores porque ya se terminó, sonríe porque sucedió-

‘Merican linguist Benjamin Lee Whorf was spot on when he stated: “Language itself shapes a man’s basic ideas.

Language transforms our daily experiences and firmly connects us to the past as well as to our future. Language sparks our imagination, connects us to one another.  Take the time with us this week to be mindful of how important language is to our perception of reality.

No tienes nada que perder y todo que ganar por unirse a nosotros en esta práctica consciente de esta semana.

El Plan-

El Entrenamiento de-

Un rápido hasta que fluye caliente, Una obra Viga de equilibrio poco y un poco de volteretas. Seguido por:

15 Doble KB Limpia
15 Doble KB Press Militar
15 Doble KB Bent Sobre las Filas

Diez veces a través de este pequeño programa sería bueno.


Sé bien hoy y … Disfrutar!!!

Black Friday Special

The present moment dies every moment to become the past, is reborn every moment into the future. All experience is now. Now never ends-

**Our Rant continued from Monday’s post**

Most people probably think they already know all they need to know about people who give diet advice, but we have some new information to bring to light.

Allow us to get to the crux of the matter: If people who give diet advice were allowed to blitz media outlets with Facebook updates and Tweets that highlight the good points of their brain-damaged orations, their actions alone could spell the wholesale destruction of countless lives.  The only rational response to this looming threat is for all of us to tell the truth about people who give diet advice.  To be more specific, we can no longer get very excited about any revelation of their hypocrisy or crookedness.  It’s what we’ve come to expect by now.  The trouble with such rummy leguleians is that they intend to dispense outright misinformation and flashlight-under-the-chin ghost stories.  People who give diet advice clings to interdenominationalism like a drowning man clings to a life-preserver.  And that’s why we say to you: Have courage.  Be honest.  And put to rest humorless and saturnine sottises such as people who give diet advice.  That’s the patriotic thing to do, and that’s the right thing to do.  Since we don’t have anything more to say on that subject,  we’ll politely get off our soapbox now.

The Plan-

‘Merica this morning around 4am:

The Workout-

Let’s go our of our way to do something totally different from the norm.  If you have snow underfoot?  Cross-Country Skiing + Snow Shoeing.  If your partner drags you to their gym?  Pick up some Weights and move them around?  If you are taking pictures of your post Thanksgiving dinner … Head to a local pool for a Swim.  Thanking caps peeps and get creative!?!

We went for a Swim


Have a great weekend and ENJOY!!!

Feliz Día de Gracias

… Children I implore you
get out of the burning house now
three carts wait outside
to save you from a homeless life
relax in the village square
before the sky everything’s empty
no direction is better or worse
east is just as good as west
those who know the meaning of this
are free to go where they want-

For all our readers sitting at the “Children’s Table” today for dinner … Happy Thanksgiving and please be well!!!