Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think-

*Taking the time to actually read this post today may increase your chances of having a great day?  Just saying peeps.

There are only a few athletes here at CultFit.  Paid to play a sport or were ever fortunate enough to have finished in the money.  The rest of us have never been a top athlete in any given discipline.  That’s not to say we have not taken immeasurable joy and made lasting memories from merely showing up and having fun on a Saturday morning.

When you show up to an event, a race, heck even a bridal shower?  Are you too busy judging whether you are good enough to be there in the first place?

When we do this to ourselves, we miss out on the magic of being present for an amazing experience.  No sh!t Sherlock!  We all want to do well!  Many more of us want to be the best competing on any given day, which is totally cool in our book.  But to refuse to participate because you’re not quite top-tier is sad.

How loud do we need to scream in panic before our message starts to settle in?  We are heading down a very dark road peeps.  Where extreme levels of performance have become the guard rails and running on these roads is dangerous to all of us.

This is our challenge to you this weekend:

Remember going outside just to play?!? When was the last time you went  to a park and joined in on an impromptu game of football (proper football, not the ‘Merican crap) with some friends?  Have you ever stopped at a trail head and asked someone if they care to join you for a bit (the offer of a cold beer or coffee increase your chances)?  Play, peeps … Plain and simple.

Each and every one of us is deprived of play in our lives, a crying shame to say the least.  For many of us; the simple experience of what play should be has become work.  We are way over organized in our daily lives :  Gotta  schedule this task … I just have to check in on Foursquare and tell this business they suck on Yelp!

Quick being cruel to yourself, PROMISE?!?

The Plan-

Come play with us this SUNDAY.  Not like that perv!?!

The Workout-

A dynamic sweat inducing Warm Up of your choosing.  Followed by:

20 Broad Jumps
20 Perfect Pull Ups
20 Hard Style KB Swings
20 Walking Lunges (each leg)
20 Perfect Push Ups
20 KB Piston Push Press (heavy)
20 Romanian Dead Lifts (heavy)
20 Goblet Squats (heavy)
20 Meter Sprint (Out and Back)
20 Minutes focusing on the movement that you feel you need to work on the most!!!

**Caution!!!  Normally when random peeps stop by and see a program like this they instantly assume balls to the wall, hard-core, ELITE, gotta kill myself before the weekend.  Right?  Get your head straight right now … Breathing and Hips!  Before you even start say:  Breathing and HIPS!!!  Out loud.**


Pinky swear?  Melissa from Sweet Wholesome Health will be back on Monday!!!  Have a great weekend and ENJOY!!!


Don’t Start Me Talking

If I can bicycle, I bicycle-

Last week we posted a list of links about the perils facing runners when they lace ’em up and head out for a brisk run  This morning while sipping on some freshly brewed orange tea we decided to put together a list of perils facing cyclist.  Few things in life are worse than getting hit by a car.  Typically driven by a yoga mom experiencing difficulties navigating to the studio with her new iPhone 5.  Unlike runners who are advised to run against traffic, cyclist or at least the law-abiding ones should follow the rules of the road.  Which present a fresh set of challenges to our two-wheeled friends to say the least.  So without further ado … Allow us to suck the joy out of your lovely Thursday morning.

Experienced Cyclist

Injured Courier Warns Other Cyclist

Killed By Hit and Run

Cyclist Hit By Train

Struck By Car

Patience is a Virtue

Cycle Harassment

Cycle Sandwich

Cyclist Knifed a Dude

Cyclist Shot by a Pellet Gun


Magpie In The Sky

Cyclist Hits Bambi

The Plan-

Click HERE because you know you want to!

The Workout-

Rest Day … The temperature outdoors begs us to go for a Run yet our bodies scream for a morning filled with Yoga and Meditation.  Not in a crowded Yoga Studio …Maybe a trip to the park would do the trick?!?



If you are a cyclist and see this image in front of you while stopped at a red light?  Consider yourself lucky  … ENJOY!!!

Taking the Time To …

Master the art of living

The person who is a master in the art of living

makes little

distinction between their work and their play,

their labor and their leisure, their mind and their body,

their education and their recreation,

their love and their religion.

They hardly know which is which.

They simply pursue their version of excellence and grace in whatever they do,

leaving others to decide whether they are working

or playing.

To them, they are always doing both.

The Plan-

The Workout-

A big thanks to all of you who went for a nice relaxing Walk with us yesterday.

Now its time to do some honest Work.  Here’s the deal peeps and if this message conveys a hint of sarcasm and old man cantankerous-ness (new word we just created)?  Deal with it, the truth hurts.  Not once in your life have you done a proper Tabata sequence, never!  Unless you can chime in with your current VO2 max and what a working 90-95% VO2 max is for you?!?  All you are doing is a 40/20 second interval … Might as well call it 41/19 intervals for what its worth.

What’s the deal dude(s)?

You say tabata yet you have no idea what the Fick Equation is?  You do tabata’s yet … What the heck is the Uth, Sørensen, Overgaard, Pedersen estimation?  Who cares really?!?

You’re cheating yourself, plain and simple.  So instead of bastardizing poor Dr. Tabats’s brilliant research give this one a go:

10 Heavy Kettelbell Front Squats (Elbows WILL not touch your body!!!)

400 Meter Sprint (Sprint, means SPRINT!  Gasping, fighting for air when you return to your KB’s)

Four times through!!!  Sprint, Sprint, Heavy, Work, Sweat, Fight … These suck to the tenth degree.   Yet, overall you will be better for doing some honest, hard work.

**These are called Litinov Sprints … Be empowered to go forth and bastardize these as well**


Quick show of hands:  How many of us reading are trapped by the fear of being criticized by others?

We fear being Ridiculed …

We fear being judged …

Criticism hurts, deeply.  But a life unloved hurts more.  You’re amongst friends here … ENJOY!!!

Heads or Tails

I am not afraid…I was born to do this-

Today’s Sign of the Apocalypse:  Is CrossFit training good for kids?

Continued from Yesterday:

It takes some time although eventually we will achieve our own version of what society defines as aesthetically ideal or pleasing to the eye.  For many of us though we achieve this state in such despair that we are utterly disgusted with ourselves.  No matter how lean, strong, ripped, hot or sexy we shape our bodies into.  There  always lingers a deep sense of self-dissatisfaction.

The feeling of inadequacy that each one of us often feels; Makes perfect sense to us now:  The motivation to look a certain way will always be driven by the comparison to and competition against others.

Since the puerile reason is to fit into a particular mold that others have created for us, driven by the  insecurity and feeling of pressure for not being good enough.  All these years, The countless hours in the gym.  The early morning runs,  The broken, bleeding toenails we have endured.  The knee replacements, The spinal fusions, broken ribs, fractured orbital bones.  Missing our children’s birthdays and other important dates.  The money spent on the latest and greatest products, The countless supplements and money pissed away (literally).

All these years we are (in essence) practicing the art of  being insecure.  We are getting better at honing our insecurities  each and everyday, every marathon or fruitless competition.  For many, we have perfected the art of being insecure.

After 400+ posts and countless times slapping you upside the head you should know that:  No matter what you do.  From Cardio Barre Burn, CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, Walking, Running, Biking, Picking your nose etc.  You get better at what you practice!

Where does this leave us?

We are at our nadir here figurative and literally.  Our society has gotten really, really good at being insecure.  We have passed our keen ability to be insecure onto our children and others we meet …  Renewing this vicious cycle each and everyday.

This madness honestly depresses us and we feel lonely, vulnerable.

**99.9845% of the time we like to joke around during a post.  Not today.**

The Plan-

CultFit Kiddo’s:

Or this:

The Workout-

We’re totally bummed out.  If you want to go for a nice Walk?!?  Meet us out front in ten minutes.


Iconoclast”  Punch this nifty word into your Google Machine (Or click the link if you are feeling lazy?!?) today and ENJOY!!!

Healthy Children

The Sun is Shining Down

A heart that loves is always young-

How many of us have discovered the connection between Exercise, Clear State of Mind and Self-Preservation?

Now here’s the deal, It has to be all three examples above: Exercise, Clear State of Mind and Self-Preservation.

Do you feel sore and abused from running this weekend?  Can you focus your thoughts on something other than blogging and Pinterest?  Are you shaking off a hangover this morning from a weekend Drink Fest/Oktoberfest?

*Vaguely Speaking …

The first 20+ odd years or so of our lives were fueled, consumed by vanity.  We did not care about our stinking health;  We simply wanted to look as lean, muscular, and strong as possible.  We lifted many weights, ran countless marathons, rode our bikes around the world and back and did thousands of push-ups and sit-ups seven days a week.  We consumed mounds of protein, took every performance enhancing pill we could wash back.  Basically we abused our bodies for 20+ years  in a failed effort to look the way we thought we  needed to look in order to gain approval and acceptance from our peers …

Part Two later in the week, stay tuned!?!

The Plan-

Pain, Drive and Passion

The Workout-

A quick dynamic Warm Up of your choosing.  Followed by:

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Heavy Bulgarian Split Squats (Each Leg)

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Heavy Goblet Squats

Finish up with a spirited bike ride!

**The trick to the program today is to find a weight heavy enough to push you at 3-2-1 … **


A couple of much deserved shout outs are in order!  Anne … Great job finishing 2nd yesterday in the 60+ female division while running in the Omaha Half Marathon.  68 years young with an impressive 2:09:00 run time, brilliant!

Also when you guys get a few precious moments this week be sure to check out:  Weekday Geek Weekend Adventure Freak.  No need to tell you anything else, you won’t be disappointed!

It’s a splendid day outside … ENJOY!!!

Testing The Path Not Normally Taken

Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something-

Earlier in the week we were pleasantly surprised to receive notice that we were nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by our dear friend Liz over at Liz’s Fantabulous Day.  

Big boy chat for a minute:  There are millions upon millions of so-called bloggers lurking on the inter-webz.  Liz is a rare breed in that she embodies what we hold so dear to us here … She’s authentic, passionate and a beautiful person!

As to be expected, we are breaking all the rules once again when it comes to receiving an award!

Listed below (in no particular order) are some really amazing peeps whose blog-o-things don’t get the attention they deserve:

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David Gittlin

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The ping-backs have been sent … What are you waiting for?  Checks these amazing blogs out and give them some love!   Be sure to let ’em know that CultFit sent you there!?!

This is Me

The surest way to become Tense, Awkward, and Confused is to develop a mind that tries too hard – one that thinks too much-

Ahhhh, the seasons are a changing and fall is a lovely time of year.  A time for some of us to let our thoughts roam more freely towards pumpkin spiced lattes, cuddling up on the couch and brisk early morning runs.

One of the brilliant wonders that comes with the changing of  seasons is that it presents us the opportunity to take notice of the changes around us.  The brilliant red glow of the maple trees.  The cooler air that greets us in the morning.

Sadly, when it comes to Summer transitioning into Fall …  Rarely do we allow ourselves time to fully experience the splendid changes around us.  Too many of us are complaining about how short Summer was  or we start to shiver at the thought of another cold winter ahead.  These attitudes we embrace, these actions we hold near to our hearts.

If you woke up on July 3rd complaining that is was too hot to run in the morning and now find yourself complaining that it is too cold this weekend to run?  Insulate yourself from these thoughts today … Reflect a rejection on our part of being in the present moment.

*Running is but one example!

The Plan-

The Workout-

Something “magical” is going to happen to you today if you pay keen attention to these next two videos:

Our fave Warm Up

Followed By …

**Maria is one of the best trainers around, PERIOD!  We highly recommend you take the time to look over her other videos and give them a go.  Plus, she’s Canadian and that instantly puts you at the top of our Christmas card list. **

We often get asked why we do not post more videos describing our Workouts and Movements?  Most, not all of you reading today.  Have the attention span of a newt … This is not necessarily a bad thing although when it comes to patterning and perfecting movements it can be disastrous to say the least.  So, if you ever need a better clarification of what we do here please feel free to email us at: CultFit

Classic example of this problem.  We performed some lunges earlier in the week and a sassy CultFit peep sends us this:


Having just called some of you a newt we would like to say Thank You once again to all of our readers.  We honestly wish we had more time in the day to spend reading your lovely blogs and leaving some witty comments here and there.  Have a lovely weekend peeps … ENJOY!!!