Tiempo de Juego…

There are no stupid questions, just stupid people-
Our game time YESTERDAY was way too easy, especially for the lovely ladies that took part in it.  Time to bring our A-Game today!
**Only 21 questions peeps…**

Afternoon Deleitar

All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath-

**Twenty One Questions peeps…Play amongst yourselves and let’s get this thing rolling:  Who is this dude?**

Meanwhile in Australia…

Two beers, Ida. One for me, and one for me mate-

You May Die…

Cowards die many times before their deaths.  The valiant never taste of death but once-
Oh how nice, you are going to trot through the mud this weekend going about with your bad self, puffing out your chest!
If you would like to lean more or are interested in joining our team for next year?  Click on over to: YOU MAY DIE!!! or send us an email thingy?
We tip our hat to the Omaha World Herald.

Are You Married to Your Program?!?

Let this be a lesson to you.  Never do tequila shooters within a country mile of a wedding chapel-

We are currently swimming in an era of social change and marital unrest.   We have grown accustomed to making harsh, thoughtless decisions when we commit to a new program.  We live in a culture that looks “beyond”  the norm, constantly looking for the latest and greatest.  We all aspire in one way or another to build a stable enduring program…Yet we are not in love with the “now”…We are in love with the “next”.

Enduring Love <—Must Clicky Here!!!

The aspect that we want to explore with you is of bonding, and creating a lasting union between you and your chosen program.  When we declare and say our vows we are making a promise to ourselves not only in this beautiful moment, but for the future as well.

Let us walk hand in hand into the  spiritual realm of marriage where two souls, hearts become one.  Is it this romantic-passion aspect that is leading you to the altar? A longing for and finding your true self?  Otherwise, in this era, when there are fewer people working out, moving about and  living life to its fullest each and every day.  We live in a society where sitting on your mom’s couch all day is the norm, and where there are yummy little temptations at every turn.  Why is it then that simply committing to bettering yourself is lost on so many people?   Embrace the idea of becoming exclusive in your bond and understand that outside temptations rip the fabric from this delicate relationship.  These outside fitness trends temporarily, dare we say permanently?  Undermine your’ sense of personal identity.

This goes much deeper than the promise-breaking, the deception you show towards yourself.  The breaking of the bond itself, that is the devastating blow to marriage.  You deserve to treat yourself better!


Find the one item in your life that you truly are passionate about.  Be it slimming up, avoiding injury, heading off health risks?  Make your bond profound and heart-felt, one that is not easily broken or swayed by current trends.

Marriage is not an institution to ENDURE, rather it is one to nurture, cherish and love.  Look for the strength within you, not the weakness.

Second Breakfast Inspiración

The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance. Each performance differs in subtle ways-

To setup the following video, which is amazing from a geek standpoint.  Lolo Jones is a beast and an ELITE one at that!  She is also an inspiration to our humble, down to earth Corn Belt heart…

We sincerely wish her the best this summer representing good ole ‘Merica!!!

Second Breakfast Debauchery…

Freeze cop. Now, left hand, pull out your gun…My, that’s a big one-

Buckle up peeps and put your refreshing beverage down…