Wednesday 29 February 2012

Second star to the right…and straight on ’til morning-

Top Tip of the Day-  If you are obsessed with the amount of visits your site gets daily and would like to add some more?  Make a generic comment about Cardio Barre Burn and YogaMed!  Our Web Stat Department reported a 126.2% increase after we did it recently…

In case you haven’t noticed today is a bonus day this year.  Others will make a big to do about it and probably pen some witty blog-o-piece about doing something outrageous today to celebrate…NOT US!!!

We honestly hope you understand our lack of science this week when it comes to breathing.  We could bore you to death with charts and graphs and all sorts of wonderful illustrations of human anatomy (You albóndiga’s would like that!).  What good would it do rather than serve as yet another distraction for you during the day?

Instead fire up the Google Machine, crack open a fresh VitaCoco and read up on:  Bellows Breathing

The Plan-

The Workout-

Prefacing the program today with “Don’t be an Idiot…

Warm-Up like you have been doing all week and then simply lie on the floor in a corpse pose…Just lie there for about ten minutes feeling your breath.  Then call over the kids, your cat, or something that weighs about 5-15 lbs or so and gently place it below your ribs and on top of your diaphragm.  The tension you need to keep from folding in two is the tension we want you to have during all of our programs, Understand?  If you don’t take a moment to read it again…So on that note:

10 Sets of 10 Perfect Push Ups (Chin touch, Eyes Forward, Feet Together at the bottom…Allow your breath to release you from the floor)

High Push Up Plank at the Top for 10 Seconds

Rules:  A few of you will be able to perform the program today unbroken and a few of you will be absolutely broken by doing this wrong.  Either way anytime you drop from the High Push Up Plank you add another Perfect Push Up to the next set.  Are we on the same page here?  We have set the over/under at:  125 Total Perfect Push Ups.  How will you do?!?


Have fun enjoying your extra 24 hours!  No really have a blast and ENJOY!!!

Tuesday 28 February 2012

It is possible to commit no errors and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life-

Mail Bag Time:

Sister Janice writes:  “Love the workouts daily!  Don’t get to do them much but they are inspiring and give me some ideas to kick around.  Couple questions:  Are the workouts always outside?  Also I don’t have a pull up bar, what do I do?”

Thanks for reading and chiming in with a useful email Janice!  First question:  YES, Always outside not matter what the conditions may be!  In today’s age of social media and disconnecting from reality it’s all to easy to make an excuse not to go outside for a program.  Second question:  Tricky one.  If you do the outside thing there are pull up bars everywhere:  Play ground equipment, gazebos, trees and so much more.  Don’t be afraid to be “socially” awkward working out either!  Home made rings, bands and other implements travel well and hang nicely from play ground equipment.  Thanks again for the questions!

Brother Jasper writes:  “Are you guys CrossFit or what”

Thanks for the email Jasper!  Here is the answer you are looking for:  No, not even close!  For comparison sake consider us the Brian Dunkleman’s of the Random Fitness World and this is now CrossFit:

Where were we?!?

“You guys over there at CultFit HQ need to get your act together, quick!”  “No one takes breathing seriously…”  How do we tie together what we ramble on endlessly for weeks at a time?  Let’s start with what we know are facts, everyone likes a healthy dose of facts during the day:

  • You wake up and find a workout program on Pinterest or some X-Fit site that fits your level of fitness errr level of laziness.
  • You find some crazy inspiring pic from the webz to get you all amped up and motivated.
  • Update the pod thingy with the latest dub-step beats to tune the world out.
  • Lace em’ up and take that first step on the weathered path of fitness righteousness.

That’s what you do right?  In one form or another?!?  The question is from this angle over here:  What ties all of that mess together?  We’ll make this easy on you with a question:  What is the primary link between your body and mind?

One of the best tools you have available to you as a Random Fitness peep is your breath.  If you take only one bit-o-info from this ramble today let it be this:  Repetition and Training are paramount to your success.  This is no joke, Uncle Pliny has been known to keep track of his breath count during runs.  And has on numerous occasions pinpointed exactly how he was breathing as struggles were encountered along the way.  All of our training approaches have one thing in common:  They are practices, and, for the practice to be effective and beneficial to you?  Pay keen attention to how you breathe.  Allow breathing to become the starting point on your fitness journey!!!  And you guys wonder why we go insane about incorporating strenuous activities and yoga together…You can stretch and do mobility drills all you want.  Hmm do we smell a new cert on the horizon?!?

The Plan-

We know through research that some of our dear readers are indeed dogs.  Look at this unbridled determination!

You don't get this feeling on a treadmill!!!

The Workout-

Remember this from yesterday?

Today and for the rest of the week Warm-Up into a lather before starting the program!

Swings, Pull Ups, Sprints, Inversions and Push Ups all seemingly harmless on the surface…

Not For Time…

3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Perfect Pull Ups (Change grip each set, arm pits out lose torso, legs fully extended.  The opposite of the Hand Stand Hold below!) Followed by:

30 Second Hand Stand Hold (Actively push through the floor and toes aim towards the sky.  No flopping around either!)

If you do Pull Ups differently than the way you perform a Hand Stand?  What is wrong with this picture?  Care to comment…


Remember the goal of the week peeps?!?  ENJOY!!!

Monday 27 February 2012

In this galaxy there’s a mathematical probability of three million Earth-type planets. And in the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all that, and perhaps more…only one of each of us-

One thing:  Breathing…Leads to another:  Awareness.  Completely unrelated song to our theme but you know what?  Who cares!?!

The Plan-

The theme this week is obviously about awareness of breath and ultimately becoming more in tune with it during a program.  Runners and swimmers are excellent at this as well as those of you who zen out doing yoga (not all of you-just a few).  There are a myriad of ways to go about developing a relationship with your breathing that works best for your unique situation and training goals.  Don’t expect any answers here or guidelines that hold your precious little hand through the process.  Empower yourself to search the Google Machine or heaven forbid pick up a book and read more about it.

What we will introduce is taking yourself past your comfort zone…

You know who you are?!?

The Workout-

Today and for the rest of the week Warm-Up into a lather before starting the program!

Swings, Pull Ups, Sprints, Inversions and Push Ups all seemingly harmless on the surface…

Not For Time…(Focus your mind on breathing and nothing else today.  Take detailed notes on your struggles)

25 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

40 Meter Sprint (out and back)

25 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

60 Meter Sprint (out and back)

25 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

80 Meter Sprint (out and back)

25 Heavy Hard Style KB Swings

100 Meter Sprint (out and back-Yes this is long and the term “sprint” is a misnomer at this point-Quit bitching and do some work)


Pay attention to what is bothering you as you go about your daily routine.  Take some notes as they may come in handy on Friday, ENJOY!!!

Friday 24 February 2012

Go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air before attempting to murder us-

This post today has the potential to become fragmented and touches on some sore subjects for some of you, our dear readers.

As some of you know we have been lamenting about pain all week and how we basically do a few stupid things with it, like: Ignore it, work through it, use it as a barometer to gauge our progress and many more.  Now this is where we try to delve into the minutia and go sideways…Our crack Research Department has shown that 23.7% of you are flippantly ignorant in some aspect of your life.  Say hello to yoga, foam rolling, cardio barre burn, active recovery days and whatever novel term you may use to ease your pain, OK?

What we are proposing to you is to allow balance and symmetry to ease into all aspects of your daily life.  Face it we all on one level or another are fragmented in our programs.  Wake up at 5am and kill a workout/run for an hour, update Facebook and twitter, rush off to work and the rest of the day spirals out of control.  Mix and match it anyway you like, it happens.  “Well like hey smarty pants, how do you go about fixing my problems?”  First start by reading this:  Slow Movement With Awareness  (as always we defer to an expert rather than pretending like we know what we are doing here?!?)

So what is the next logical step when you are finished not listening to the pain your body is constantly providing you?  Step back and take a deep breath?  Or continue doing what you were doing in the name of a free bit of schwag and a race bib?

What fundamentally happens when you are in pain?  Some common examples of pain from our readers are stressing over not getting the close spot to the door and the poor selection of granola at Whole Foods as well as the feeling of anxiety before the big race?  You breathe harder, faster and basically you breathe more.  Say hello to Uncle Ujjayi Pranayama

We spew a fair amount of rubbish around these parts and a few of our readers have adapted the keen ability to weed though it over the last year.  Try to spend the weekend working on this technique, it would be time well spent!  Remember every minute spent practicing is better than the minute before…

The Plan-

The Workout-

Warm up thoroughly into a nice lather doing what you do best, then:

CultFit Pro Agility Test

Set up three cones (or anything else lying around) five yards (or meters for our Canadian friends) apart:

Start at the middle cone with both feet and one hand on the ground

Sprint five yards right or left to an outside cone

Plant, touch-line and sprint 10 yards in opposite direction to far cone

Plant, touch-line and sprint five yards in opposite direction through middle cone

Get after it today!!!

If this is you first time doing this program today take it easy and get into a flow before you go nuts.  If your goal is to injure yourself?  Go balls to the wall the first time through!?!


Enough about pain its time to move on with life.  Rest up this weekend and ENJOY!!!

Thursday 23 February 2012

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You Know What You Want To See<—Hello, feel free to click on me.

Amazing things happen all the time, just not the way you like to see or envision them.  As an example:

The Plan-

From CollegeHumor

The Workout-

Rest Day consisting of nothing even remotely health related.  A Rest Day as in: Don’t beat yourself up cause you ate too much yesterday or I could have added 10lbs more on my OHS only if I didn’t eat those extra 15 almonds earlier in the day.  Or… “Damn my goober friend just sent me this totally awesome Hairy Potter WOD?”

Rest, understand?  How hard is it?  Harder than your workout or run?  That’s what we thought!?!


How nice it is to do nothing, think about nothing and cleanse our minds while, well?  Doing nothing, ENJOY!!!

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Hear the meaning within the word-

Thud, thud, thud…”Why in the hell is my left knee hurting during this morning run?  Two more miles and I’ll call it quits…”  Fast forward 1-2-5-10-15 or however many years later and you know what?  Watch this video if you dare!  (The video is real and graphic – Just like life if you can’t handle it stop beating yourself up daily)


After you finish up watching the video take a gander at this excellent piece:

The Nonsense that is CrossFit

Mr. Able simply breaks it down for all of “You People” that stop by here daily.

Raising Our Kids to Think, Feel & Be Healthy

Now to set up the above article and we know this is hard for some of you (like the 482 peeps that emailed yesterday).  The writer ties together nicely in a polite sociable sort of way what we would spend a whole week banging you over the head…”Hey wait aren’t you guys doing that right now?!?”

Does your training prepare you for this? Probably not!

The Plan-

We always like to present our fair readers with unique and challenging programs to consider.  So on that note check this out:

40 Day Challenge

The Workout-

Trail Run/Bike/Swim/Hike or whatever you honestly enjoy and do not say you enjoy running with sand bags, for about an hour.  Followed by:

2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 Perfect Pull Ups (each set of two is with a different and unique grip)

5 Thread the Needle Reverse Lunges (each leg) and 5 Lateral Lunges (each leg) between each set of pull ups duh!

We feel as though due the increase in Random Fitness readers over the past month to preface this workout:  It is not a balls to the wall kill yourself for time event!

A majority if not all of you will not even break a sweat doing this, oh and no bands on the pull ups either!  “Hmm I wonder why pull ups and lunges are important…Oh well I never ever use abductors when running a marathon anyways.  And since when are abductors important to the overall health of my knees?”

If you do this above program properly and with the correct muscle activation…tomorrow is going to be hell!


Be safe peeps and as always feel free to experiment and let us know the results, ENJOY!!!

Tuesday 21 February 2012

The man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of life

We generally hope you know that acute pain signals an injury, we hope?  As you reach out your hand to “accidentally” touch a hot stove; you pull your hand away in response to the pain. Give or take a few days and before you know it all is healed and you are prepared to go at it again.

If only it was the simple huh?

The discussion we want to have today touches on pain and self-awareness (feel free to comment on something blatantly unrelated to what we just wrote…)

One of the major problems we have is a mind-body disconnect.  A really good book to pick up is the:  Science of Flexibility by Michael J. Alter

A few examples of a mind-body disconnect you see almost daily maybe in yourself or others:  Doing back bends in yoga after not bending like that for 35 years, Glute/Ham Sit-Ups for no apparent reason, Bench Press with your mate after WOD’ing (what a ridiculous term!) for six months and claiming the bench is too functional, kipping Pull Ups.  The list is long so hopefully these will touch a nerve in you?!?

As we try to tie this together today let us get back to our original message concerning the hot stove.  We know there are a few X-Fit apes and yoga moms reading today that simply don’t get the point and continually reach out and touch the hot stove over and over again feeling the pain each time, becoming conditioned to enjoy it as the scars grow bigger and bigger.  Just as we preach about playing like a kid and enjoying life…How many times does it take for a kid to touch a hot stove to learn his lesson?  That’s what we thought peeps!

The Plan-

Simple day today, really simple!

The Workout-

Not for time…

500 Swings

250 One Arm Press (each arm)

100 Hinge Walk Out Push Ups (Arms sore from yesterday?  Good!)

If you don’t move throughout the day as effortlessly as the slinky above you need to watch this gif all day long then.  Who would have ever thought you could learn how to lift and learn from a slinky?


Stay safe Random Fitness peeps and good luck to our X-Fit/CultFit open peeps, ENJOY!!!