Thursday 1 December 2011

Sometimes, working on a strenuous mental task can make you feel energized for further challenging activities-

Hey Random Fitness cabezas de los huesos!   Is this what you are killing yourself for?  Is this what you aspire to achieve?  Does this video motivate you?

The thing is, all kidding aside and being serious for one fleeting moment.  Strong/Fit/Experienced dudes having fun does not = Average dude first time touching a bar!

Today kids and yoga moms across the inter-webz watch the above video and aspire to be, well?  We don’t know what they aspire to be, we just hope it’s not what’s depicted in the video.

How about we inspire to achieve this:

The Plan-

Sums it up nicely

The Workout-

The hardest workout you will have all week…Wait for it:

Go for a walk and rest up!

Notes:  Yeah we know it’s hard not to beat yourself up everyday training for your 1/2 marathon that is slowing coming up in a month.  Seriously, remember our 7% rule peeps (look it up).  Why kill yourself running into the ground if your time is going to be two plus hours for a 1/2?  That is why going for a walk today is going to be the hardest program you do all week, ENJOY!!!