Friday Apr 1 2011

For the weekend-

Over the next couple days try to incorporate this following program into your daily life:

800- Meter Run
40- Goblet Squats
15- Push Ups
400- Meter Run
30- Goblet Squats
25- Push Ups
200- Meter Run
20- Goblet Squats
35- Push Ups

This is what we are trying to get at; the RUN could be rowing, biking, swimming or even carrying a bag of cement from the garage to your project.  Following along?

Now honestly think about this next one. . .how many times during the day do you bend over to pick something up?  Each time make  a mental note to perform a solid GOBLET SQUAT!

Here’s an example.  Today at work if you have a water cooler, instead of bending at the hips to fill your jug, drop into a goblet squat hold. . .

The PUSH UP, we do a lot of them here at CultFit for a reason:  You yourself are the best piece of training equipment to have.  X-fit apes can’t figure that out and hopefully if you are reading this you know where we are going with it.

Just as an example:

Carry a cement bag to the back yard

40 Goblet Squats (now if you can do them with the bag. . .props to you!)

15 Push Ups

Chase your kids around the park

Grab one and do 30 Goblet Squats (this is a lot of fun if you have kids!)

25 Push Ups

Do you sense where we are going with this?  If so good and have an awesome weekend!