Momento de Gratitud

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude-

I’m writing this post surrounded by mismatched socks, Lego’s, a lone blaster rifle and Anakin’s light-saber. Sitting on the only comfortable spot on my fifteen year old couch, typing on a MacBook that’s been around the world dozens of times and left a battery dead somewhere in a far off desert, or on my kitchen counter 

You know what? I couldn’t be any happier.

Earlier this morning before driving to yoga practice at 0500, I caught myself picking the millionth crumbled Cheerio out from underneath my foot and organizing the books we were enjoying the night before. In this moment of silence, stillness, I laughed thinking about my Son who had brought these crumbled Cheerios and books into our home. My heart beat slowly, filled with joy – Realizing that I am happier now, in this beautiful mess, than I was a year ago, hobbling about on crutches. I savor these moments of gratitude, more than I could have ever imagined.

Daily Meditation:

Grateful, grateful to eat a few Cheerio’s off the floor before I put my shoes on this morning Who or What are you grateful for this morning?

CultFit Bliss

Sonnet 53

What is your substance, whereof are you made,
That millions of strange shadows on you tend?
Since every one hath, every one, one shade,
And you, but one, can every shadow lend.
Describe Adonis, and the counterfeit
Is poorly imitated after you;
On Helen’s cheek all art of beauty set,
And you in Grecian tires are painted new.
Speak of the spring and foison of the year,
The one doth shadow of your beauty show,
The other as your bounty doth appear;
And you in every blessed shape we know.
In all external grace you have some part,
But you like none, none you, for constant heart.

- William Shakespeare

GobbleGobble my Dear Readers!

CultFit Alien

Feliz Día de Gracias

… Children I implore you
get out of the burning house now
three carts wait outside
to save you from a homeless life
relax in the village square
before the sky everything’s empty
no direction is better or worse
east is just as good as west
those who know the meaning of this
are free to go where they want-

For all our readers sitting at the “Children’s Table” today for dinner … Happy Thanksgiving and please be well!!!

After The Moon

Sick of it whatever it’s called sick of the names
I dedicate every pore to what’s here-

Thanksgiving is already here and taking a page from the retail sector … Let’s skip thinking about Thanksgiving and look forward to a favorite subject of ours: New Year’s resolutions.

“This will finally be the year I lose twenty-five pounds, stop drinking on the weekends (until St Patrick’s Day … ), save some money, finish the basement, spend more quality time with the family.” Do any of these resolutions sound familiar?  The arrival of the Holiday Season naturally lends itself to valiant attempts on our part at making a fresh start.  The problem is that these resolutions are not so easy to achieve.

What if we told you, today – the day before Thanksgiving can be your New Year?!?

It’s time to sober up peeps, go ahead and take another self pic of yourself on the scale to post and look in the mirror instead of looking at your phone as you take another glamorous duck face pic … Do not avoid your current health in this moment, reflect on your current health.  This moment is your second chance.

Our culture is obsessed with instant transformations and makeovers, hello: Turn the TV on one evening and what do you see?.  What we just asked you above is not easy and making firm resolutions for genuine change is even harder.  In this moment reflect and your past and commit yourself to genuine change.

What were you thinking this time last year … The vicious cycle begins anew.

The Plan-

Link of the Day:  Un-Hear-It  <— This is a must clicky today peeps!?!

The Workout-

Some Happy Hips and a little Balance Beam work followed by:

Hill Sprint + 15 Hard Style KB Swings (at the top)

20 is a nice harmless number.

**If you are going to beat the hell out of yourself all Holiday Season?  Might as well do it in a nurturing fashion then …**


Reflect, today is your second chance … ENJOY!!!


Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life
For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision
But today well lived makes
every yesterday a dream of happiness
And tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore, to this day!
Such is the salutation of the dawn-

This post comes from the heart and we mean this sincerely:  We cherish each and every reader that stops over for a visit.  Our challenge to you over the next few days and heck, until January 2nd, 2013 is to embrace and intertwine the following thoughts into every fabric of your existence.

Thoughts for living an Authentic Day:

Just for today, I will try to live through this day only – and not tackle my whole life’s problems at once.
Just for today, I will be happy. This assumes that what Abraham Lincoln said is true:   “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Happiness is from within — it is not a matter of externals.
Just for today, I will adjust myself to What Is and not try to adjust everything to my Own Desires. I will take my family, my work, and my luck as they come and fit myself to them.
Just for today, I will take care of my body.  I will exercise it, care for it, and nourish it and not abuse nor neglect it, so that it will be a perfect machine for my will.
Just for today, I will try to strengthen my mind. I will study. I will learn something useful. I will not be a mental loafer all day. I will read something that requires effort, thought and concentration.
Just for today, I will exercise my soul in three ways:  1- I will do somebody a good turn and not get found out.  If anybody knows of it, it will not count.  2-  I will do at least two things I don’t want to do, just for exercise of will-power.  3- I will not show anyone that my feelings are hurt. They may be hurt, but today I will not show it.
Just for today, I will be agreeable.  I will look as well as I can, dress as becomingly as possible, talk low, act courteously, be generous with praise and criticize not one bit nor find fault with anything.  I will try not to regulate nor improve anyone.
Just for today, I will have a program.  I will write down just what I expect to do every hour.  I may not follow it exactly, but I’ll have it as a pattern to follow.  It will save me from the two pests - HURRY and INDECISION.
Just for today, I will have a quiet half-hour, all by myself to relax.  In this half-hour, some time, I will think of a higher power, so as to get a little more perspective to my purpose in life.
Just for today, I will be unafraid, more specifically:  I will not be afraid to be happy, to enjoy what is beautiful, to love and to believe that those I love, love me.

The Plan-

Link of the Day:  Instead of giving Random Advice to others?  Take a few minutes to Learn Something Meaningful.

The Workout-

Dust off the old Kettle-Bells and meet us out back …

The CultFit KB “Bear

Double KB Dead Clean

Double KB Front Squat + Press

Double KB Shoulder Squat + Press

Double KB Stiff Leg Dead Lift + Bent Over Row

All of the movements above, combined together in one fluid movement equals One Rep … How does 10 reps sound?!?


Anyone and we mean anyone can learn to perform: Yoga, X-Fit, Boot Camp, Pilates, Kipping Stuff and anything else you can think of.  <— This is not CultFit!

Are you familiar with the grey matter between your ears and that “thing” that beats wildly in your chest when confronted with a challenge?  <— This is CultFitENJOY!!!

Inbetween Your Choice

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves – slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future; Live the actual moment. Only this moment is life-

What does it mean to be fully present?

For starters:  Stop worrying about Thanksgiving and take care of your Body – Mind – Spirit in this present moment.

A few startling patterns will begin to come into focus for us this week.  Chances are you are aware that the Thanksgiving Holiday is this coming Thursday here in good ole  ‘Merica!  Before we get off topic on another rant (and you can probably guess where this rant will go …) we want to talk about a taboo topic around these parts: DIET.

We quite literally just finished reading the 100th blog-o-post about working out and eating right this coming Thanksgiving.  Seriously peeps … Dare we tread into troubled waters?

Oh how nice, eat less, exercise more!?!  Ground breaking stuff right there!

This type of advice is nauseating and inadequate at best.  Take a quick look around at the waistlines of the lovely peeps passing by?  Something should become painfully clear:  Different body types use calories in different ways.  Each one of us are programmed and predisposed to carry more fat, more weight than others. No kidding hot-shot – Diet and exercise help … (<—Key Word).  Although when all is said and done,  the solution we seek is inevitably more complicated and complex than pushing away the plate and torturing yourself in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

One day out of one year feasting with close family and friends will not hurt … We promise!!!

**Take a moment to re-read the quote at the top of the post again, we beg of you**

The Plan-

The Workout-

Let’s start with a nice refreshing Happy Hips Warm Up.  Followed By:

150 Alternating Goblet Squats (flowing)

150 Hard Style KB Swings (snappy)

150 Perfect Push Ups (even power)

Slice ‘em and Dice ‘em as you see fit … 15×10 works pretty well?!?


Be fully present peeps, it’s all we ask … ENJOY!!!


Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant-

Lead.Learn.Live … Thank you for your thoughtful nomination of the Inspiring Blog Award.  For the longest time we thought there was only one amazing and brilliant person living in British Columbia?!? That’s right … Burnaby’s finest:  Joe Sakic!

Practicing the art of giving is something we take very seriously here at CultFit.  The act of giving is actually very simple.  Yet very few people take the time to give onto others.

Our suggestion as we move along this morning:  If you want to lead others with confidence and conviction?  Foster the habits that allow you to lead.  If you want joy in your life?  Take the time to share joy with other people around you.  If you want love to accompany you?  Learn to give love onto others.  If you want to Live life?  Pull back the shades a tiny bit and gaze upon what awaits you outside … That is where you learn to live.

When one receives an award such as the Inspiring Blog Award.  There are a set of instructions that accompany it, explaining how to pass the award on to others.  We just crumpled the instructions up and threw them in the corner with all the other nifty instructions about “Life”!  Heck, Did we use the instructions for our IKEA living room set?!?  Nope … “Hey, Um … We highly suggest you don’t place your beer right there mate.  You have been warned”.

Let’s explore some authentic, inspiring peeps together:

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Life’s Little Epiphanies 

The Plan-

The Workout-

Rest Day … Time to go for a Walk actually!?!


Once again, thank you Lead.Learn.Live!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving Canada peeps … ENJOY!!!

**We desperately need the NHL back on the ice in order to restore balance in our lives!!!**