Concept : 10 :

Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant with the weak and wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these-

I would like to wrap the week up by not talking about “No But rather two extremely powerful words, two words that transcend our overuse of “no.”

I Understand

Showing empathy does not drain or deplete our true spirit, our friends. Nor does empathy weaken the strongest of family ties. Empathy empowers us with a special sense of togetherness, a powerful sense of being connected. Empathy, the ability to powerfully understand another person, is invaluable, in every relationship of our lives.

Daily Meditation:

It feels good, doesn’t it? Satisfying and empowering, being on the receiving end of empathy. As parents, friends, yoga instructor(s), pilates even. A training partner at 5am on a rainy Saturday morning Take a moment to pause and reflect on the people you have worked the hardest for in your life. The people who connect and powerfully understand – You.

I feel motivated, when I feel understood. How about you?!?

CultFit Empathy

A Gentle Dissolve

Nothing is so strong as gentleness. Nothing is so gentle as real strength-

Slow down, you move too fast Life, I love you, All is groovy.

Can you recall the last time you were in love, with life? Noticing the subtle – yet profound flowers blossoming from the dormant grass below ?

During lunch with a close friend this past Friday, I struggled to put into words this exact thought: When was the last time you fell in love with life. All of us have become multitasking savants, hastily doing no fewer than three things at once. Making breakfast while texting about the NCAA tournament and updating a post we have been working on for a few weeks. Our minds are literally filled to capacity, overflowing with “things“. When does the Sun rise tomorrow? The Sun does rise – right? Why does Windows take so long to boot? What’s the forecast for this weekend? Am I out of shape? I look bloated! What if I perform poorly in yoga class, my next 5k? This latte is too much, are they stealing my debit card information? Will it snow tomorrow? I need to book an appointment to have my nails did – done – whatever? What time is it, do I have time to workout/run/swim?

Time is flat, circular and restrictive. We continually arrive back at the same point, with a gadget of some sort close by.

Can you recall the last time you went for a leisurely walk after dinner? The “garden of life” variety of walk that didn’t involve a pedometer, taking a selfie or tweeting to the masses the calories you burned, and all the “other” information we vitally need to live.

Daily Meditation:

If you can name the song and artist that set the gentle tone for the post today,without using your Google Machine – You win a prize or something! All, truly is groovy!!!

Slow Down

Buckle (Down)

Perhaps the less we have, the more we are required to brag-

Do you equate being active with being important? Ever write or say, “I matter” or  “I ran a marathon in the morning, attended a fashionable yoga class at noon, and worked on my memories over a nice soy chai tea latte at Dumb Starbucks.

Constantly being busy had always been a good “thing” in my life. I used to define myself, boast and brag in a pecksniffian manner, in regards to being able to plow through the most strenuous workouts, cycling for hours on end and running marathons on a whim  My issue with the term busy - was that I took it too far. I didn’t know when or how to stop, take a break from grinding myself into the dirt, telling my friends “no” when it came to registering for an event.

For the longest time, I simply failed at finding balance in my life or I flat-out choose to ignore it – Who wants to talk about balance anyways?!?

Daily Meditation-

Recently, the cold Midwest weather called me to go for a brisk walk, instead of appearing busy – Yoga class, cycling, running around and writing. Going for a walk simply felt right. I didn’t have to show up somewhere to prove anything, to anyone.

CultFit Drop

Ambitiose sed Ineptim

Please don’t preach at me—I feel bad enough already-

As anyone who strives to share wisdom and knowledge with others—how often do we command others without first ensuring our own understanding, without first eradicating our own insecurities and tension(s)?

How many of us can honestly answer yes to the following question: Have I done the work that I’m asking this person to do?  And more importantly: Am I myself, able to go where they want to go?

No one is perfect, and in fact, our limitations often open the door to understanding and compassion, as well as to the ability to overcome the very faulty practices and beliefs that we are currently dealing with. Although in order to share the wisdom of these past lessons, we have to actually learn these lessons. We have to transcended the obstacles, not merely recognize that they exist.

Daily Meditation:

We can’t rest on our laurels of intention, we must be willing, and able, to be the example

CultFit Ambition

अलग दृष्टिकोण

It’s calm under the waves in the blue of my oblivion-

Pop Quiz Hot Shot(s): Name your favorite restaurant? Cool Now name your greatest strength? Why was the second questions harder to answer … Self reflection, open and honest dialogue and talking about the dirty stuff in our lives. Can we agree that breaking through and acknowledging self-love, our true selves is pretty tricky?

Many of us are blind to our best qualities. When asked to name our strengths, we often come up empty-handed, stumble for words and say something that isn’t very meaningful. We tend to overlook the very essence of our true selves, our core qualities, our strengths. The craziness of daily life, past injuries, lamenting a medical diagnosis – hypnotizes, controls, and impedes our progress moving forward.

Sometimes it is easier to “see” our true selves when viewing from a different angle.

Daily Meditation:

What are your passions in life? Seriously, please do not blow off what I am about to write

What activities fill your heart with love and warmth? What activities are effortless and give you a sense of passion and freedom? Biking, yoga, playing a drop in hockey game, talking with your best friend over lunch, trying a new restaurant on a first date? Dig deep in your soul for a definitive answer! Like you, its effortless for me to construct such a list of passion(s).

What follows is what I hope you dwell on this weekend: What character strengths you are using during each activity? Confidence riding a new trail, honoring yourself during a strenuous power yoga class, moderation playing hockey, listening attentively over lunch, openness to exploring new “thingsThese are your greatest strengths!!!

CultFit Strength