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You are so weak. Give up to grace.
The ocean takes care of each wave till it gets to shore.
You need more help than you know-

I went through a rough patch this past Sunday competing in the Cornhusker State Games Gravel Grinder event. Something really challenging happened that pushed a whole bunch of my buttons at once, pushing my mind and emotions into overdrive, turning what should have been a nine-hour 111.9 mile ride into nearly a twelve-hour 140+ mile ride (single speed).

I’m certain that many of you are familiar with the term “crisis reveals character” or something similar?

Whenever I get really upset about something, my emotions start to simmer and I secretly worry about my unsavory character boiling over, my dark side so to speak. Is this upset, bitchy person really me? Most of the time I like to think “things” easily slide off my back. That I’m a composed, chill sort of dude. Although when I become upset by a really difficult, or unfair situation, I sometimes contemplate or say things that I would never normally allow myself to think or say out loud.

Thankfully I don’t get so far gone that I rant in inappropriate situations, or to the wrong innocent person. However, I still say and think unsavory things that I wish I hadn’t thought or said.

Forget it - Dude.” This crisis reveals character concept is complete and utter rubbish! When I am really upset? I’m not at my best, and I spent 30 miles (ish), cycling  in horrid conditions this past Sunday, figuring this out.

Daily Meditation:

Somewhere between Burr, NE and 134th and Pella Rd (Google this if you are bored) I gave the gift Grace to myself. From the start to mile 80, I was mess, a train wreck oozing with bitching and moaning. Its amazing what a little grace, cold water, kind and compassionate company can do to restore your true self.

CultFit Grace

Liberation : Front :

If you’ve got nothing to dance about, find a reason to sing-

There are an infinite amount of wellness, exercise, health, fitness, yoga and “whatever” blogs, websites and apps that offer endless advice opportunities to improve ourselves, although until we learn how to love our true selves, and nurture these fragile new shoots? It’s unlikely we’ll find the love we seek. When we approach our search for self-love as an intimate journey, and not as a Strava race against time, a punishing series of new workouts or some extreme mud run, everything changes.

In the last five years of seeking a relationship with myself (you read that correctly – some dude learning to love himself … Not a cool thing to admit now isn’t it?), I have spent an incalculable amount of hours looking for love in places that lacked love: Battering my body early every morning in the gym and trail running until exhaustion before bed, using “extreme” and “trendy” training methods I read about online that had little to do with self-love. Concealing all traces of my unseemly need to be someone who I was not I was endlessly engrossed seeking to be the best. However, as it turns out, this path led me a life of pain and ruin.

As much as we are led to believe that finding self-love and accepting who we really are is all about maxing out each and every rep, improving our appearance in yoga class, or beating every goddamn person in this marathon … It’s ultimately our inner spirit that lets us find and keep real, lasting love. When we learn to bring our inner spirit into the ways we search for self-love? This is when the real changes begin to happen in our lives.

Daily Meditation:

Through exploring and finding our own deeper insights, we transform and deepen our search for self-love … I have finally come to believe that these moments of self-reflection move us more quickly to finding self-love than anything else we will read about today.

Thank you Claudia for the recent award and for inspiring me to finally publish this post.

CultFit Self

The Swiss Family Robinson

I never quite understood who
the Swiss Family Robinson were.
The inversion of their name
confused me at an early age,
just as the name of Mary Baker Eddy
sounded as though she started out
as a woman and turned into
a guy named Eddy. At Walt
Disney World there is an attraction
called Swiss Family Robinson that
involves a tree house, so I assume
they lived in a tree. Why they did
I don’t know. It sounds rather
stressful to me, the fear
of falling out. I could look up
the Swiss Family Robinson
in a reference book, but
it’s interesting not to know
something that everyone else knows.
However, I would like to know if there
are many people named Robinson
in Switzerland. If there are,
I would know something that
most people don’t know.

- Ron Padgett

CultFit Swiss

: Diferente :

Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing-

In our constantly connected – Strava – King of the Mountain – always on the run world, we are expected to perform better each and every day. Faster and farther than the day prior, and in many disciplines, we are rewarded for our speed. However, I have found out that it’s extremely difficult, if not impossible, to achieve the right objectives, if  we are not clear on what success really looks like, the dedication and sacrifices required.

The greatest hockey player of all time Wayne Gretzky (Joe Sakic is a close second) once said after loosing in the 82-83 Stanley Cup finals to the more experienced New York Islanders “… They won and they’re wounded. We lost and we are fine …

Sometimes we come up with these grandiose ideas that appear like winning solutions from afar. The temptation to sprint off of the treadmill to qualify for Boston, the enthusiasm of showing up and competing early one morning, and the passion we have for our chosen discipline, can and will get the better of us. It truly is only a matter of time. Being powered by our emotions and energy can be a wonderful time in our fleeting lives, as this energy can launch us to quickly achieve milestones once thought impossible, allowing us to charge through and over the obstacles that were lying on our path.

Invariably, though, emotion can only take us so far in life, we start slowing down, injuries start to visit more frequently, and then these obstacles come along, and stop us dead in our tracks.

Stuck, we might not know how to take the next step, or know even what the next step is 

Daily Meditation:

Like first time triathletes who start too fast, leisurely 5k folks who run at breakneck speeds off of the starting line, cyclist who envision themselves on the podium before half way We risk running into a wall that is truly debilitating. Although, when we pause to breathe, honor ourselves, smile, embrace the moment instead of the outcome? This is when the obstacles in life, fall off of our path!

CultFit Goals

At Ease

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle-

I want to ask you, what I feel is a very important question this lovely morning: When someone does something genuinely nice for you, how does it truly make you feel?

I like to believe that life is characterized by the small acts of kindness we do for each other, and not just during Fathers Day, or any other holiday for that matter. Yesterday when I was about three miles into my twenty-mile commute home from work, I experienced a little give and extra suppleness coming from my rear tire. It was flat, and riding a folding tire while flat is not the most prudent idea in the world. But I’m one stubborn dude, so stubborn in fact, I “conveniently” left my spare tube and pump at home – because who needs them anyways?

The first couple who stopped to offer help eased my mind going haywire trying to figure out a plan to get home. Being stubborn, I refused to take a spare tube and instead borrowed their pump for a few fleeting moments. I’m smiling now thinking how kind they were to offer help to a complete stranger on a barren and vulnerable stretch of trail.

The second lady who stopped to offer help, and whose name I forget because I am both stubborn and forgetful … Did the very same as the couple an 1/8 of a mile before. “Here, please take my spare tube.” Was answered with – No way am I taking your only spare out here – Just a little air will get me to the bike shop three miles away in Papillion, NE.

Less than a 1/2 mile walking my bike slowly down the trail, I stumbled upon a friendly dude named Arthur and his daughter riding back from the library a short distance away in town. At this point there was no way I was getting home without help – None! Swelling with pride and being stubborn don’t get you very far do they?!? As we walked back to his house, sharing one of “those” awkward conversations most of us have when we first meet someone, I sensed that this moment had happened for a reason in my life. All of it, the flat, “forgetting” my gear at home, being stubborn, swelling with pride

When I paused last night to think about how people actually spend their time (the posts I have been sharing of late) – How much time do we spend thinking about the good things we’ve been given and how much time do we spend complaining about the things that have gone wrong? I know that I spend much of my day lamenting about the annoying cyclist and drivers during my commute, the typical Nebraska weather, a poor night’s sleep, how work has been insane of late   What Arthur and his beautiful family shared with me in the fifteen minutes we spent together, is that, perhaps a change in focus from counting burdens to counting blessings is just what I needed.

Daily Meditation:

Over the course of an afternoon, a fortnight, our lives We are not going to be able to say “thank you” for every little thing someone does for us. Although, when we are able to take a moment, to be grateful for the kindness we often overlook?

Amazing Arthur 

Professional Showoff

Joey Fratelli

Thank you guys – Immensely – for getting me home safely, with my heart and soul swelling with gratitude!

CultFit Thank You