That Reminds Me

Just imagine yourself seated on a shadowy terrace,
And beside you is a girl who stirs you more strangely than an
It is a summer evening at its most superb,
And the moonlight reminds you that To Love is an active verb.
And your hand clasps hers, which rests there without shrinking,
And after a silence fraught with romance you ask her what she is
And she starts and returns from the moon-washed distances to the
shadowy veranda,
And says, Oh I was wondering how many bamboo shoots a day it
takes to feed a baby Giant Panda.
Or you stand with her on a hilltop and gaze on a winter sunset,
And everything is as starkly beautiful as a page from Sigrid Undset,
And your arm goes round her waist and you make an avowal
which for masterfully marshaled emotional content might have
been a page of Ouida’s or Thackeray’s,
And after a silence fraught with romance she says, I forgot to or-
der the limes for the Daiquiris.
Or in a twilight drawing room you have just asked the most mo-
mentous of questions,
And after a silence fraught with romance she says, I think this
little table would look better where that little table is, but
then where would that little table go, have you any sugges-
And that’s the way they go around hitting below our belts;
It isn’t that nothing is sacred to them, it’s just that at the Sacred
Moment they are always thinking of something else.

- Ogden Nash

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7 Comments on “That Reminds Me”

  1. Beautiful illustration of NOT living in the moment.

    • CultFit says:

      I was crossing my fingers this morning when I posted this beautiful piece by Ogden Nash … Hoping that someone would get “it” ;)

  2. katelon says:

    So sad. And yet, perhaps the woman WAS being in the moment and her moment just wasn’t about the same thing as the speaker.

    • CultFit says:

      After reading and rereading this many times last night and this morning … And I keep coming back to being appreciated and valued in our lives. I have a much deeper explanation although, writing it out would be wordy and tedious ;) Lets save it for a conversation one of these day! I hope you have a beautiful weekend in store, be well and please take care!

    • katelon says:

      I do understand the poem and mindfulness as I can see that in the man’s opinion, they were sitting together so thus, THE moment should be about each other. I get that. My point had to do with perhaps being in the moment, something in that moment led the woman to those questions. I understand though that a Buddhist would say not to follow the thoughts. Although being a woman I have experienced the man’s side of this NUMEROUS times, with the man’s thoughts elsewhere.

      Have a good weekend.

  3. I belly laughed reading this….did he write this for my husband?