Great Plains

I could drive for days without fear
of outrunning these patchwork clouds,

bridge lines of cumulus
this way or that towards the horizon,

midway between one place
and another, standing up
to the administrations of wind.

I like a destination which pulls
true, deliberate,
but at great distance. Like

I like the slow, imperceptible
progress of knowing
but not knowing
how far I’ll travel today,
where I’ll find gas
for the next leg
or when.

Bruce Willard

CultFit Plains

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3 Comments on “Great Plains”

  1. katelon says:

    I love vistas. I grew up in the desert, able to see for miles, travel for miles/hours in any direction. I have lived in the NW and other places where trees and mountains close up hemmed me in and it left me longing for that space of vistas.